Friday 29 June 2012

pink hello kitty nail art

hi all,
i got some interesting things from my latest haul namely....hello kitty metal emblishment, NYX dreamy glitter and flormar 121 nail i decided to do very quick mani using these.

Thursday 28 June 2012

Nail art times 10



TODAY I WANT TO SHARE MY NYX COLLECTION.....most of which i bought from Erica singh from her facebook page

Monday 25 June 2012

haul post part 2

hi all,
in my last post i shared my daughter's haul....and now its my turn..ha ha ....i didn't buy any thing for me( instead of nail art stuff) from  hong kong !!!! ..but did lots of shopping from can buy nail art stuff ( from hongkong) from style craze blog sale 

4 pairs of footwear from stush, rajouri garden delhi...

Sunday 24 June 2012

my hong kong hello kitty haul....:)

hi all..
i am back from my vacation and did lots of shopping here is the first part ...all the hello kitty stuff and other bought for my daughter......

hello kitty water bottle

mobile lipgloss set

Friday 22 June 2012

gold triangle nail art

hi all,
this is the very popular trend this year.follow the steps to get this look...

tips and toes mini nail paints, Zinnia.
Avon black matte nail polish.
cello tape or triangular nail guides.
orly matte top coat.(optional).


after basecoat, apply your gold nail paint.

make sure your golden paint is dry completely then put your triangular nail guide or cello tape in"V" shape towards your cuticles as shown in the pic....

and paint your nails with black..

after your black paint dries completely remove your guides and apply your matte topcoat and you are done.

hope you all like this mani.
do leave comments, i love reading your comments.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

orange and pink stud nail art

hi all,
i got these lovely studs from hongkong and could not resist myself from doing nail art though i am still leaving with my parents .....excuse me for the quality of pics ....
polishes used:
zoya nail lacquer "tia"
faces nail polish sorry i forgot the name and its in my bag and i am feeling very lazy.
metal square studs
top coat and basecoat..
here is look i created using above pics:

Monday 18 June 2012

Tuesday3: inspired by movies

Hi all Today's group theme is nail art inspired by movies.this theme is chosen. Y Hema of rainbownails. She tagged Manases Andrea for next week and she gave " water marbling " theme for next week and tagged Neisha from Indian beauty forever. My link up form is not working pls leave your links below as comments and after returning from Delhi I will update your links to the form. p.s. you can buy nail art products from style craze community sale. I listed all my purchases from hong kong there. Thanks Puja

Saturday 16 June 2012

movie inspired nail art

hi all
i love bollywood movies...specially the love stories with happy ending...this tuesday the theme of group is movie inspired and i am totally in love with song from movie" SILSILA"...."DEKHA EK KHAWAB TO "
all the songs of this movie is very good but i love this song most because of its lyrics...some of my memories when i am dating my husband and beautiful tulip flowers ..........

Friday 15 June 2012

Nail art times post 9

hi all,
sorry dear today i don't have any new tips and tricks to share with u.....but pls read my new articles at style craze....

  • Metallic flowers nail art
  • go green nail art
  • Pro's and Con's of Acrylic Nails

    Also ..i am back from hongkong did lots of shopping from there mainly nail art stuuf and saloon equipments for my friend's nail experience was awesome...i missed my daughter and husband very much....ya me and my friend went alone. I didn't share with you guys because i don't want to get emotional.......i left my daughter with my mother in i will be in delhi till 22nd june...
    i don't have any pics to share because we don't have time to click the pics....we did 3 things there shopping....eating...she sleeping and me reading your blogs or on my blog,style craze community , facebook....or crying in the night for my daughter..this was the first time i left her....when i called her from there she asked me"mumma aap kyu chale gaye?"(why you have left me?).......i said" kyunki aap mujhe tang karte ho...aur 1-150 counting bhi nahin likh ke dikhate"( you irritates me and doesn't do your counting 1-150 homework thats why").......she replied "pls, come mumma...will do whatever you say" and she started crying....i cried a lot for her.....when returned she showed me her work ...oh my god she has 1-150 for 3 times....i just kissed her allover and again we cried...i bought lots of hello kitty products for her....will post the pics my husband is also coming to delhi....god pls help that i don't start crying again otherwise my brother will make fun of me....sometimes my brother turns into devil..haha....

    shopping for nail stuff is like i stepped into big bornpretty store with lots of nail decorations screaming buy me .....but i purchased the regular items because most f the emblishments are not very practical for doing nail art as hobby...

    when i was there i also purchased few nyx nps from Erika singh through her facebook page....will do the seperate post on them.


Thursday 14 June 2012

first mini giveaway @ lipgloss affair

hi all,
sangy @ lipgloss affair is hosting her first mini giveaway. she is giving awesome nps and few other goodies...enter by clicking the picture below...


Wednesday 13 June 2012

dew drops nail art

hi all,
few days back on pinterest i found this mani...and there i decided i want to do it...

Tuesday 12 June 2012

giveaway @ Indian beauty forever

Its giveaway time @ Indian beauty forever. Neisha is giving awesome products to celebrate her 150 followers. 
here is the what the winner will get-

  • Colorbar Lipstick - Pretty Please 

  • Maybelline Smooth and Vivid Eyeliner pencil - peacock green

  • Coloressence Waterproof Mascara

  • Faces Cream Eye Shadow in Black

  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick

click over the pic to enter:

Monday 11 June 2012

tuesday 2: free hand

hi all,
todays theme for "we love nails group" as chosen by sangy@lipglossaffairs is FREE can't use fimos.stickers etc.

any body can submit the link.....this group is open to all....

sangy tagged Hema at Rainbow Nails and Hema choose following theme for next tuesday (3)and tagged Manases Andrea at Colour your life for tuesday(4)
My topic for next week is "Nail Art - Inspired by a movie" 
- You can select any movie (old or new), any language. 
- You can use acrylic paints, fimos, rhinestones, stamping plate...basically anything to create your design 

Manases pls submit your topic and blogger u tag by thursday.

lets starts the fun...:)


Recently i purchased angry birds nail art stickers from bornpretty store...i love playing angry birds packet of these stickers is enough for both hands.

i have 50 pcs of these....ya ..actually what happened i didn't read that its a 10 pcs packet and i ordered 5 packets and i end up with 50 pcs..never mind i can sell them at my saloon and also sell them on my coming up blog sale ...if any one is interested in buying these pls let me here is the mani using these stickers....

Friday 8 June 2012

little sunflower nail art

hi all,

this tutorial is requested by shilpa.I am going to link this one for next Tuesday theme which is free hand nail art.

Thursday 7 June 2012

nail art times 8

Why do you need diamond jewellery, when you can get them on your nails? Yes, you read right, you can get a diamond manicure thanks to the Iced manicure by Cherish Angula. The extremely luxurious manicure lets you have 10 carats of Diamonds on your nails as a parting gift. And don’t fret too much, there is an aftercare service that not only removes the diamonds off your nails but also lets you take the precious stones along by converting it into jewellery pieces of your choice. The Iced manicure at Cherish...Me is priced at $51,000, (R412,687.500)which makes it the most expensive manicure to date. Their London clients are catered to at none other than the infamous and luxurious Dorchester London. The Iced Manicure has already received the celebrity nod, with the sparkling diamond nails creation spotted on singer Katy Perry.

Wednesday 6 June 2012


as i told you earlier i am going to hong kong for vacations and will buy nail art stuff for blog i am leaving on 10th and will be back on 18th.....but you will going to get regular posts from me as i am scheduling and writing them in advance..i will read all your blogs whenever i got time there and comment also as i am taking my I-pad with me I can't live without it.....:) you may see different nail lengths in my tutorials this is because i am scheduling them from first week of may when started my challenge.....i keep on altering my acrylics length and finally i chopped them so nowadays i have quite short nails.If i can manage i will make tutorials for short nails before going.
so keep on visiting my blog and do comment..i love reading and replying to your lovely comments...:)

now coming to the main motive of this post "pretty pink nail art" step by step tutorial...

Monday 4 June 2012

we love nails Tuesday 1: reverse and french manicures.

hi all
pls sumbit your designs using following can submit more than one design . add direct links only.

I tagged Sangy at Lipgloss Affairs for the 2nd Tuesday theme...she gave following theme and tagged Hema at Rainbow Nails
original comment from her
Theme - Free hand / free style 
*can use any polishes including acrylics and nail art tools including all sorts of brushes and dotting tools 
*can not use fimos, stickers, stamping plates (thats whole point of saying free hand) 

And i tag Hema @ Rainbow nails for the next theme *.* 
good luck hema, i had to think hard with mine...... 

so next week Hema will tell us the theme for 3rd Tuesday. Hema ,leave a comment on this post by Friday.

lets begin our weekly fun..:)


In my earlier post i talked about latest trends this year in nail of them is reverse french...reverse french can be done different ways for example half moon manis,triangular mani(coming up tutorial), ruffian mani.
following is the step by step tutorial to create the ruffian fruity look....also "we love nails" group theme for this tuesday is "reverse or french manicure",so i am going to link this up...:)

Sunday 3 June 2012

warli art on nails...

Hi all,
you must be aware of what is warli art.
I try do this art on my nails after seeing video on youtube ...but our designs are different:
products I used:
faces rufus
black acrylic paint.
topcoat and basecoat.

here is my pics:

Saturday 2 June 2012


HI ALL,( as i nominated so many bloggers its not possible for me to go each and every blog and tell the blogger...pls excuse me and check the list.....i love u all my frnds...)

I am feature on Sangy at Lipgloss Affairs and voting has started so pls pls pls vote for me on her blog......

Demi has awarded me with 3 new awards. thank u so much Demi...your friendship means a lot to me....

I nominate these awards to:

Friday 1 June 2012



1.Shape the nails into a square shape with an emery board.

2.Apply a thin layer of basecoat to the nail in three strokes: Base coat maintains a manicure for longer; prevents staining of the nail and helps maintain moisture in the nail.
3.Apply your favourite Tip Top colour: start a millimetre away from the cuticle as seen in picture
4.Push the brush backwards toward the cuticle area
5.Move towards the tip in the centre of the nail


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