Tuesday 31 July 2012

NBBN Weekly Round-up of Favourite Posts

Our External World : See how Shilpa created pussy figures on her nails! Try something different on your nails by using nail printing stickers.
Ray Connect : Ray shares her daily CTM routine that she follows religiously.
Celebrating Feminity : A Purple Eye make-up tutorial, made simple by Tanmayee so that anyone can try and do it :)
Makeup Is Art& Im An Artist !! : Suffering from dry chapped lips?? Then certainly you need to have a look at this Neutrogena one!!
Cute Nails : Latest trend in nails! It’s all over YouTube & Pinterest Braided nails
Make Up Fashion & Everything I Like : See the list of products that Shourima regrets buying!
Purple Moments : Smita shares her new Under eye-cream from Biotique.

Monday 30 July 2012

lime lemony french nail art

hi all,
today i am in very lime lemony mood...first i ordered my bottle of china glaze "lemon frizz" from 365gorgeous.com  then i had a glass of lemon soda and finally when i sit to do my nails.....my NYX girls "sour lime" bottle screams at me "use me"  from my nail polish shelf  and when i do my nails i got attracted by my beautiful citrus fimo slices...lol...:D

so here is lime lemony look i finally created:

Friday 27 July 2012


sorry for the dirty cuticles because my nails are super wet when i took pics and i don't want to ruin my mani by cleaning cuticles but after my nails got dried i cleaned them and my mani is looking gorgeous....
but i forgot to take pics ..so i am posting the pics as it is....

NBBN Monthly Giveaway & Contest Gallery – July

 Hello everyone

Who doesn’t like winning free goodies?? Sometimes, all you need to do is guess the price of 4 products of Craftsvilla & you can win free shopping at Craftsvilla. Enter Our External World and Craftsvilla present–Tell us the price and win a prize! Contest – there are two winners & contest ends on 28th July 2012. Hurry!!

 Puja who recently celebrated her 30th Birthday wants to celebrate with you through her giveaway. Fill the Rafflecopter form HERE & win lots of nail art goodies.

 Shourima is another blogger who celebrated her birthday this month. She is hosting My 50th GFC & 100th post giveaway on her blog. Fill the Rafflecopter form, keep tweeting & putting it on FB everyday & get a chance to win her favorite makeup goodies.

 If you like to glide on a luxurious, hot pink shade with gold glitters over your lips, then Ray presents you with Amazing Lip Love Review Contest to give you a chance to win ESTEE LAUDER Signature Hydra lipstick in Pink Kiss.

 Another Creative, eye-make-up contest, based on 'Smoky eyes' theme we saw was ‘The Dusky Indian Beauty's TDIB Smoke Those Eyes Contest.’ Contest closed for entries. Voting is on upto 31st July, 24:00 hours only! Help the contestants win by voting for them HERE That’s it for now ladies!! Next month we will come up with another list of giveaways & contests. Happy Blogging Everyone! Photobucket

Wednesday 25 July 2012

fishy fishy nail art....:)

hi all,
thank you so much for your wishes and it was my best b'day ever ....i am getting b'day wishes from around the world ...wow i feel so loved and blessed that i spend whole day reading all comments .........once again thank you so much....love u all....muah...:)

coming back to today's mani....this is a very easy to do nail art and i used:
china glaze Flyin high as base coat.
light blue and white nail art pens.
loose blue lace glitters.
golden fish fimo.

Monday 23 July 2012



Today is my b'day and  today is the day i promised to announce the two lucky Indian entries for NYX GIRLS NAIL PAINTS and winner of swatch pic( prize set of six nail paints by reliance trend)
I never know that i am going  to get such a huge response for my first giveaway and yes  i got more than 10000 entries.....so yay....still 15 more days left to enter for mega prize....so what are you waiting for ....enter here....

2  3 lucky entries for NYX girls nail paint are: 

  1. Shruti Shetty.
  2. Toa Modak.
  3. Ujjwala Dhande
when i am writing this post my husband asked me why 2 winners for nyx your lucky number is 3 ....so u should have 3 winners.

lucky winner of swatch pic is.......................Bhavna Pande.

P.S. winner's entries are eligible for mega prize too.
also u can still send me your swatch pics but know swatch pics only earns 5 extra entries.

congrats winners.


Saturday 21 July 2012

flowers nail art tutorial

hi all,
i love flowers...............whether on nails,on plants, clothes....anywhere i just love them.
today i am sharing very easy floral design. follow the steps and get this cute floral look for nails.
polishes i used:
L.A. colors, green satin for base.
NYX purple avenue for top coat.( used to give nail art a greenish holographic look).

Friday 20 July 2012

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY @ Dr. poison ivy's beauty blog

hi all,
Dr philamazan is having a international giveaway with awesome prizes to know more click here


Thursday 19 July 2012


look at the following pics and get an idea what ikat print is:

no no this is not a outfit post......ikat designing on my nails....

Tuesday 17 July 2012

sweet and easy nail art for friendship day...:)

hi all,
today i am sharing my pics of nail art for friendship day (i know its too early) but when i am doing this design ..i realised we make friends with a person who our heart finds different from the crowd .....even we choose our love or our soulmate on same bases.....just have look of the pics they make my point more clear....

Giveaway by LipGloss Affairs

hi all,
SANGY from LipGloss Affairs is hosting agiveaway.....so visit her blog and win these awesome goodies

Enter HERE

Monday 16 July 2012

we love nails group and some giveaway update.

hi all
pls leave your links for black and white nails on this post.
enter my giveaway here.
know about our upcoming international contest here.
if you missed my design for summer challenge day 3 check here.

hema has tagged me for next week but i am busy still i am giving a theme...flowers, patterns like tie-die,polka etc....if i got time me too will post my entry.....depending on next week response i will continue or discontinue this group.so i am not tagging any one.

blog giveaway update:
as this is my b'day giveaway so i have decided to announce the 2 lucky Indian entries for NYX girls nail paints on my b'day i.e. 23rd July, Monday.
pics of nyx nail paints( one winner will get one nyx girls nail paint.)

Sunday 15 July 2012

Saturday 14 July 2012

we love nails group : black and white.

hi all,
this week the group theme as chosen by hema is black and white. and she tagged me but this week i am not giving any theme as i am also busy for new surprises on my blog ....so stay tuned...:)

i have cut my nails short to show some nail art designs for short nails as i got lots of request for the same.

my this design is inspired by henna. I used faces white o white for base and black nail art pen for designing:

Thursday 12 July 2012

summer challenge: day 2 : sunset.

hi all,
today is the day 2 of summer challenge by Lady-Flower 123.and theme is sunset.here is my design:"urban sunset"

plz again vote more me...

i am sounding like a politician now a days but plz once again vote for me here....puja
The Avatar Contest
View more lists from StyleCraze
thanks puja

Monday 9 July 2012

tuesday 5: geometric nails

hi all,
today's group theme : GEOMETRIC NAIL ART.
chosen by :NEISHA .
she tagged: HEMA.


any one can take part and can join from current theme.

here is my design : i got inspired by NYT's top:

isn't she wearing a nice top.....so here is my interpretation ...i also added a fourth color i.e. green:

Sunday 8 July 2012


Today is the first day of "SUMMER CHALLENGE" by Lady-Flower 123.You all might already know her through her blog Lady-Flower 123. She has created a second blog in English for her International readers and has hosted the Summer Challenge through that site. 

This challenge is for everyone and i have to make post as follows:
1. Sunflowers - 8th July 2012
2. Sunset - 12th July 2012
3. Island - 16th July 2012 
4. Travel - 20th July 2012

Saturday 7 July 2012

my giveaway update

hi all,
thanks to all of you who have entered my Giveaway......

I get more than 4500 entries in 2 days and I am very happy....so i have decided that there will be 2 winners

one winner will be an international winner.(will send you your goodies with fedex)
other winner will be an Indian winner.

two lucky Indian entries will get Nyx girls nail paint each...

so hurry enter my giveaway here.

nail polish stripes.

hi all
 Though i was not a big fan of stickers but few days back i got mail from one of the follower shreya and she asked me to do sticker nail arts as she doesn't have steady hand to draw free hand . also she said there may be more readers like her who loves nail art but because they can't draw free hand they just satisfy themselves  by using crackles or adding rhinestones or glitters to the nails.i replied her that she can do stamping then but i know stamping also needs lots of practice and patience .....by this i realised i havn't posted any stamped notd  yet and i am 114 posts old.....okay then you r going to get stamping notd soon from me.

coming back to this notd and stickers......stickers are lot easier to apply....there are different types stickers available in the market....full nail stickers,cartoon stickers,water decals, fimo stickers,gold and silver stamped stickers,french tip stickers,gel stickers,lace stickers,glitter fabric stickers, metal decals ,plastic decals etc....

so i have decided that i will try to post to atleast one notd using stickers once in a 15 days.

today i am showing you the full nail sticker.....this particular one is called nail polish strips. they r super thin and apply very easily...

Thursday 5 July 2012


This month on 23rd july, I am completing 30 years of torturing others.....LOL....so i decided why not i celebrate it by doing a giveaway.
terms and conditions.
  1. it is an international giveaway.....that means anyone can take part.
  2. there will be two winner....selected randomly.one international and one indian.
  3. fill the rafflecopter  below to enter.
  4. this giveaway starts from 6.7.2012 and ends on 7.8.2011.....i will declare the winner on 8.8.2012.
  5. this is my first giveaway so please if you find any difficulty to enter shoot me a mail.....pujamalhtra_1982@rediffmail.com
  6. also two lucky indian entries will get nyx girls nail paint each.
  7. see the pics what you can win.....all the best..

Following through GFC is compulsory. If you unfollow afterwards i will ban you from further giveaways and contests.

post this pic:

imported hand made soaps set:

set of 5 dotting tools,set of three stripping brushes,2 packs of 10 assorted fimo sticks

2 sets of nail stickers angry birds and lace,purple color steel balls box,sheet glitter in orange,small heart shape rhinestones.

3 vov nail paints, 1 nail juice nail paint and 1 Miss claire one stroke nail paint.

fill the rafflecopter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Nail art times post 11

 hi all
Nail Polish does not contain Nail Polish Remover in its formula in the first place, so why would you want to add another ingredient to the nail polish?
Nail polish thickens because of the other solvents in the formula evaporating!
Nail Polish remover is made to REMOVE nail polish so don’t put it into your polish to thin it down all it will do is break down the nail polish and thus the nail polish won’t stay on the nail for very long after that.
Use a proper nail polish thinner to thin down your nail polish if you must.
If you add Nail Polish Remover to your nail polish it will affect the condition of your natural nail by causing dehydration to the nail plate. Don’t do it!!!


kalapalette have collaborated with Stylecraze.com to host SHOPAHOLIC GIVEAWAY.

click the pic to enter:

I won won.....

Hi all I won the third prize in the nail art contest held by bornprettystore.com... You can click above and see the post....thanks for voting and making me a winner....also they will announce 2 lucky voters tomorrow.....if you have voted for me there then pls check for their blog post tomorrow.....once again thank you so much for your love and support..... Puja

Monday 2 July 2012

Tuesday 4 : water marbling

hi all,
today's theme as chosen by Manases Andrea is " water marbling".....pls leave links in the form below....she tagged Neisha and she choose "geometric pattern" for next week and tagged Hema......so hema you are tagged again.........

this group is open for all .....if you have a new or old design matching the theme u can link it here...

my pics for the theme:

Vote for me

Hi friends Pls vote for me http://bornprettystore.blogspot.in/2012/06/no.html?showComment=1341224892748 by voting you can also win goodies from bornprettystore.com My no is 31 I really appreciate your help Thanks Puja


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