Thursday 5 April 2012


HI ALL...........
I Have done this design so many times this valentine season. this is a normal french with some hearts.

polishes and pens

  • white stripper pen.
  • silver glitter stripper pen
  • baby pink color nail polish
  • red nail polish
  • dotting tool
  • top coat and basecoat.


apply basecoat and paint your nails with baby pink nail polish.

with the help of stripper pen make french tip. thickness of french tip depends on the length of your nail.if you have long nails make thick one or if u have small or medium nails like my client make thinner tip.

now add a silver glitter line as shown in the pic.

now add red hearts to the design.

you can refer this pic to make hearts

my clients pic.........


after making french tips just add big red and small  white rhinestone as shown in the pic

p.s. her nails are looking very artificial because of reflection of light (as top coat is not dry).

hope you like this very easy french twists designs.




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