Friday 18 May 2012

70's nails look

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In the 50′s red was all the rage and women opted for softer, pastel shades in the 60′s. The 70′s brought about a natural movement that sent many women off with *gasp* bare nails. However, while some bared it all, others opted for deep brick reds, browns and burgundies.To get the free and seductive look of the 70′s isn’t hard – all you need is to stay natural or go strong on nails. nail polish colors involves a mix of clear coats & bold, ethnic shades.

The 70’s nail, like the clothing of the era, had more sparkle. Toward the end of the decade, the square shape began emerging as a more common trend. The natural buffed nail was popular but lengths were always kept long. Clear varnish top coat on top of the color choice became a staple in any manicure.

Also,it's the age of the artificial nail! Acrylic nails look and feel real, but are much stronger. The salon is the place to get your nails made-to-order. By 1978 artificial nails are very long and are worn mainly by the rich. Artificial nails that cover the entire nail bed are available, including the Eye-Lure Nails brand. These nails are inserted under a lifted cuticle to make them look as if they grow out of the finger. Glue holds them on, but not for long. These can be worn just for special occasions because any contact with water dissolves the glue.

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