Tuesday 22 May 2012

update ,plans,feedback

hi all,
last day of nail art challenge has passed and some of the entries are pending ............so  you can submit your entries  by Saturday................. others have done very good job.

my new plans and i need your feed back:

plan1:i want to start "we love nails" group. In this group we will share our nail designs on particular theme on every sunday or any other suitable day to all. example:

like say we choose sunday as our submission day then, almost a week before i post a theme say choose stripes then in the same post i will tag other group member to choose next week theme...then she will tag other blogger........i hope i am making sense...the post must be posted one week in advance and there is no compulsion to submit your design on every theme....may be you r not comfortable with the theme or you r busy....you can easily skip that theme or day...and do next weeks theme.
to submit the design...just make a new post and leave the link of post on host blog( the person who chooses the theme of that day)....she will update the list...:)

for this pls leave your feedback......if you want to join this group.....the suitable day....any question...

plan2:my friend is opening her nail art studio in Delhi this july....so my family and her are going to Hongkong for purchasing the nail art stuff.(on 10th June). so i am planning a blog sale for nail art products. the blog sale would be only for Indian residents. if you want anything such as nail art brushes or decorations pls leave a comment.

also my sister is sending me some nail polishes (kleancolor, sally hansen etc) from U S next month.so they would also be included in the blog sale.

do leave your feed back.....


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