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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hello kitty nail art :water decals

hi all,
today i did this hello kitty nail art on one of my clients hands. she was so impressed that she asked me to do same on her feet.(sorry no pics of her). Even i liked the design and did it on my own hand (only left hand because after doing her nail art i was left with only 5 decals and out of 5 one is little damaged but wearable).

What I used:
Jordana garlic growth basecoat.
Jordana Nails be strong topcoat.
11pcs Hello Kitty & Snow White Nail Art Water Decals
5x 2way DOTTING Pen Marbleizing Tool Nail Art Dot Paint
100 pcs Cane Nail Art Fimo 3D Fruit Shaped Stick New
Faces nail enamel in Cotton Candy.
Few random nail paints in bright colors.

Monday, 30 July 2012

lime lemony french nail art

hi all,
today i am in very lime lemony mood...first i ordered my bottle of china glaze "lemon frizz" from  then i had a glass of lemon soda and finally when i sit to do my NYX girls "sour lime" bottle screams at me "use me"  from my nail polish shelf  and when i do my nails i got attracted by my beautiful citrus fimo

so here is lime lemony look i finally created:

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

fishy fishy nail art....:)

hi all,
thank you so much for your wishes and it was my best b'day ever ....i am getting b'day wishes from around the world i feel so loved and blessed that i spend whole day reading all comments .........once again thank you so u all....muah...:)

coming back to today's mani....this is a very easy to do nail art and i used:
china glaze Flyin high as base coat.
light blue and white nail art pens.
loose blue lace glitters.
golden fish fimo.


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