Wednesday, 5 December 2012

10 household things which can be used as nail art tools.

looking for a beautiful way to spice up your look?Nail art can compliment your outfit for a special event or add a unique flair to your appearance every day. While very detailed nail art is best left to professionals. You can create simple and unique nail art using household items as nail art tools. you just have to look around your house.
I have listed 10 such things:

Bobby pins: Bend the pin so that it gets straight.Now you can use it for adding dots to your nail art.

Makeup sponge:Cut off a small piece of makeup sponge and hold it with tweezers,this way you can add gradient effect with ease.

Cotton swab(Q-tip):This can be used to make dots,adding gradient effect and also helps in cleaning nail polish off your cuticles.(dip Q-tip in acetone for cleaning).If you are using acrylic colors,  it helps in removing mistakes when used with water.

Eye shadow applicator: It is also used to add gradient effect to your nails.

Toothpick: It is a very useful tool.The pointed tip of tooth pick helps in making small dots, lines,shapes etc.With practice you can make many delicate designs too.It can also used to do needle marbling. It also helps in picking rhinestones and other emlishments.(dip the tip of tooth pick into clear nail polish to pick).

Scotch tape: This can be put across the nail to create french tips. Cut the thin pieces to make crisp stripes.You can also cut it with zigzag scissors to add zigzag design.It can create unlimited unique designs you just have to be creative.

Lip brush: Use scissors to trim the brush bristles. Now you can use it to create delicate free hand can also use your old nail polish brush.

Straw:This helps in creating very beautiful splatter mani. Use one end for your mouth to blow air and the other end to dip into polish.You can also use it to create circles like Olympic rings.

Bindis: you can use bindis as Rhinestones. It can add bling to your nails.


Newspaper: you can use newspaper or magazine stripes to create very beautiful and eye catching nail art.


Hope you all loved reading this. Thanks and be creative start looking around you to get these things.

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