Wednesday, 2 May 2012


The different types of nail polish finishes

  Shimmer – subtle (usually metallic) color mixed very evenly in base color (typical color balance has more pigment than shimmer, but there are also sheer shimmers )

  • Micro-shimmer – very fine metallic/sparkly particles mixed evenly throughout base color (this finish is often smooth to the touch)

  • Micro-glitter – fine metallic/sparkly particles suspended in base color (this finish may feel a little rough to the touch, but not always)

  • Glitter – chunky and more visible glitter particles suspended in base color (this finish often feels rough to the touch)

  • Frost – icy/frosty finish with a predominant metallic look (typical color balance has more frost than pigment)

  • Lustre – pearly finish – can be pearl/white, gold, silver or iridescent – 
  • not as predominant a finish as a frost, sometimes light-reflecting

  • Creme – no shimmer – a milky, creamy finish….can be sheer or opaque

  • Prismatic micro-glitter or shimmer – fine rainbow colored particles that flash multi-colors & reflect light, some have a holographic or “3D” quality. (Also referred to as Holographic/Holo)

  • Iridescent – usually gives a color a “flash” of another color, depending on how light is reflected on the surface.

  • Opalescent is similar, although typically has a distinct ‘pearly’ quality.

  • Matte – satin or flat looking polish. no gloss or shine

  • Duo-chrome – a shimmer polish that appears as two or more shades, depending on the light.


Which finish u like the most or if i missed any other finish let me know.


p.s. all the pics are Google-d and does not belongs to me.


  1. lovely compilation! thank you for following my blog :) Following you now :)

  2. wowww informative post
    i liked all except fr opalascent iridiscent and glitter

  3. i like creme finish alot..thanks for sharing pooja..

  4. Thanks for the info Puja :)

  5. I like nail polish with glitter and duo-chrome with shimmer. Nice pictures!



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