Saturday, 12 May 2012

50's look for nails

hi all,
I was asked about a 50's look for nails by one of my clients. so i thought to share it with u all too.
To get the seductive look of the 50′s isn’t hard – all you need is a bottle of red nail polish & some red lipstick. 1950s: In a

decade all about shiny wholesomeness, nail polish reflected this subtle glamour with its focus on timeless, elegant red. Nails were kept long and tapered at the end, and it was considered a faux-pas not to match your nail polish to your lipstick. Just remember to keep the rest of your cosmetics subtle and clean. it is  recommend sticking to creamy true reds.

Do checkout my friend Nisha's blog for

Retro Makeup Tutorial Part 1: 50's Glam/ Pinup

thanks all

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