Thursday, 3 May 2012



Stop Biting Nails for Your Health...

Biting your nails is a disgusting habit you have lived with for years, but have you ever really considered how it was impacting on your health. You break the skin when you bite your nails and sometimes even make your fingers bleed. This leaves your skin open for germs to enter allowing infections into your body. The obvious way germs get into your body is that they are on your hands and when you put them in your mouth to bite a nail, they enter your body then. But you never thought about germs getting in through broken skin. And even if you only pick at your nails and don't bite them, you still break the skin allowing germs to enter. Just think of all the places your hands are around and all the things you touch...that alone could make you sick! So, don't focus alone on trying to stop biting nails, give some thought to why you should stop biting. Did you know that every nail biter swallows the size of a fly of bacteria per day!!!

YOUR benefit so STOP, THINK before you bite!!


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Neisha's beautiful nail art.

BeautyShades New Barry M nail paint 325, denim swatch

Dimpal's first attempt at 3D acrylic nail art

Nisha's  Manicure Monday: Miss Claire Galore!

Deez nails sweet confession.


This is the new feature in my nail art times the title suggest , I am going to link back stamping nail art posts which i like most...............

Bharti's NOTD: Leopard

Stamping Diva......her each post is awesome........KEJAL SHAH.....checkout her blog

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