Monday, 28 May 2012

Something fun to do with the kids!!! : summer vacations and nail art

hi all,(picture heavy post)
Look at the picture below and enjoy the concentration on the little faces and of course the method in which the pedi is being done...........Oh what it is to be a kid!!!!! WELCOME to all my NEW and OLD friends, I sincerely hope you are enjoying reading my blog. I want you to interact with me and enjoy all the nail fashion, facts and fun............ Here's to a TERRIFIC MONDAY with love from cute nails.

kids love painting nails......summer vacations is the best time to do so....:)

Some tips for kids nail art.

Expression faces:

If you're happy and you know it, paint your nails with an express yourself nail art flair. You can let everyone know how you're feeling with this expressive, easy-to-make nail art design.
How to create the express yourself nail art design:
Step 1: Paint each nail a different colour. Let dry.
Step 2: Using black paint and a toothpick or the tip of a tiny brush, paint eyes, nose, and mouth. Be as creative as you want in drawing faces with different expressions.

Fruits :

yummy little fruits always look good on those little fingers......
follow the pictorial below to do so:


Draw their favorite snacks

Sweet treats:

draw toffees, cupcakes, ice-cream, doughnuts on your kid's finger nails they will love it.

Out of This World Nail Art for Kids

For something with universal appeal, try the out of this world nail art idea for kids. You won't need to wish on a shooting star when painting this nail art design -- the detailed steps below make this kids' nail art design simple to paint.Here we'll show you how to paint a planet and a shooting star. Make sure to check the photos below for other variations on this space-age nail art design.

School Days Nail Art for Kids

Everyone from the teacher's pet to the class clown will love the school days nail art idea. No need to stay up all night studying -- the steps below make painting this kids' nail art design a cinch.

Call Waiting Nail Art for Kids

For a great conversation starter, try wearing the call waiting nail art design for kids. You won't want to put this great kids' nail art idea on hold.

Cool Dude Nail Art for Kids

The cool dude nail art idea for kids features a cheery snowman, complete with top hat, scarf, and carrot nose. This nail art design gives new meaning to the term "frosted nails." See the photo below for a fun snowflake idea to complement this cool dude!

Puppy Love Nail Art for Kids

With its floppy ears and big, brown eyes, it's hard not to fall for the dog in the puppy love kids' nail art design. Make sure to check out the dog bone and paw print variations for this nail art design below.

MVP Nail Art for Kids

You'll score lots of points with the MVP nail art design for kids. This nail art idea is perfect for all the kid athletes and sports fans in your life.
A basketball and basketball hoop are the focal points of this nail art idea, but the photos below show other sporty variations on this design.

Peace, Love, and Happiness Nail Art

Slip on your bell-bottoms and add the peace, love, and happiness nail art design to your retro look. This groovy nail art idea features three designs: a peace sign, heart, and happy face.

Favorite character and instruments

kids love their characters on their nails like...barbie,teddy bear ,pooh etc.


 My daughter's pics

she doesn't sit still for second and taking her pics and doing her nails is a hard task in itself....:D

hope u all like this post.
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