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Dotting tool is the tool which helps in creating dots in nail art. They comes in many sizes to create big ans small polka dots. small head dotting tool can also be used to create intricate designs. They usually comes in a set of 2 or 5 with dotting heads on both sides.

They can be hard to get and expensive. 

You can make your own dotting tools at home.you just have to look for a right things...........:)
Tips to create your own dotting tool:

Bobby Pins or Hair Pins can be seen on different size tops. Just bend the Bobby pin and dip it in the polish and it will make an easy way for making dots.           

Straight Pins are merely use to fasten pieces of cloths or paper together. But do you ever wonder it can also be used as a dotting tool?                                                              

Just use the Back of the makeup brush to create some dots.
*Don't forget to clean your make-up brush after use.

The common way to create dots. Toothpicks or orange sticks. But this idea makes a very small dots, to create a dot bigger one's depending on your preferred size of dots, just continuously dip the toothpick into polish every few minutes and let dry in between.

Ear buds make wonderful dotting tools. Try to keep the polish on the very tip of the ear bud (to keep the spots more circular).

you can use Pens that are out of inks to create dots.

* all the pictures used in this post are Google images and does not belong to me....

hope you find the tips helpful



  1. I use bobby pins, old ball pens and toothpicks also. :D Great article!

  2. nice info.. i have used ball pens and make up brush back..

  3. I use everything mentioned above :P Depending on my needs ;)
    You have a lovely blog here puja :) I am following you :)
    Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog, but I didn't see you on my GFC :O Guess Blogger acted up :| Would love to see you there :)
    Namita <3

    1. Hi Namita.....thanks.... I was following u through bloglovin......joined ur GFC too.....:)

  4. i ordered some from buyincoins...they r gud for now..before i got those i used tooth-pick,bobby pins...




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