Thursday, 19 April 2012

one lovely blog award

hi all,
 i am very happy today i was given my second blog award from very talented Preethi of Pinknpurple...she also write for wiseshe...thanks dear for the tag.


1. List 7 things about yourself.

2. Award 15 other blogs.

List 7 things about will got know my life story soon;)

  1. i love drinking coffee.
  2. i like shahrukh khan.
  3. i hate alarm clocks.
  4. i love to blog.
  5. i love chocolates.
  6. i Google a lot.
  7. all the money which earned through nail art . i spend on my daughter or i buy new nail art emblishments or nail paints.

Award 10-15 other blogs.
Sweet and Bitter at Sweet and Bitter 
Poohkie at Poohkie's Place
Life is a fairytale at Life is a fairytale
SophiaJerald at Panache
Kejal at NailArt and Things
nupurcreatives at nupur creatives
Zestful Uzma at Zestful Nails
Tanmayee at
Emm at Circular Insanity | A Shopaholic's Guide to Shoes, Beauty,Books and Reviews | Beauty Blog

i want to nominate more blogs which love to read but they have already received the award or  nominated by others.



  1. Congrats... puja.. i am happy for you.. :)

  2. Cute!!!! Congratulations and thank you for following me!!! Please refer your friends too to join my giveaway here if possible!!! Much luv! Nyt

  3. wow...2 awards in a week. Thats great job. Congrats Puja.

  4. Hey congrats to u !!! and thank u soo much for giving me this award!! I think if I wasnt in my job I would love to become a nail tech like u!!

  5. congrats pooja dear..and thats my pleasure nominating u...Thanks for ur sweet words abt me..take care..

  6. congos puja and thnx for giving me this award :)))) nd me 2 hate alarm clocks coz thy never helps in waking me up :D :D

  7. Congratulations sweetie :) Thank you so much for passing on the award! :) Glad to know you Google a lot too :D

    Namita <3

  8. Congratulations Puja.... & Thank u for passing on the award to me... :)

  9. Puja........thx a lot :) I was very bust over the weekend! couldnt make time for blogging..will do it in few days :) loved ur post

  10. sorry for typo ..its busy not "bust" lol :P



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