Thursday, 12 April 2012

7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty Tag ...

wow! seriously its a wow feeling............i am just few days old in this blog world and i am tagged by two lovely bloggers Dimpal and Neisha............thanks both of you have make me feel so special and confident that i am on cloud nine........and hey friends do check their blogs they have so many interesting post that you can't resist following them...:)

first the questions:
Q.What is your most inexpensive beauty product you love and why?
A. i recently fell in love with the Tip n Toes mini nail enamels (rs 40), they have beautiful colors and super good staying power.

Q.What is your most expensive beauty product you love and why?
A. my most expensive beauty product is my TIGI Bed Head Serum - Control Freak because it helps me get a straight-up glossy finish in my hair.

Q. which beauty product you have love and hate relationship with and why?
A. red lipstick, whenever i see someone with red lips i apply red lipstick but removes it immediately because i can't carry red lipstick on myself.

Q.What is your most delicious beauty product? nyx cupcake lip glosses.

Q. Which product you neglect due to laziness?
A. foot cream....

Q. What traits you find attractive in opposite sex?
A. honesty, love for me and respect for my family and feelings (my husband has all these traits and more..............)

Q.What items you would like to receive as a gift?
A.i follow no gift rule with my frnds and husband but i like surprises.

Hema Iyer at Rainbow Nails
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