Saturday, 7 April 2012


HI ALL......
A big thank you to all my followers...........thanks for your support and voting to my poll. the winner entry is flowers and the second entry which gets maximum votes is very easy .so in this design i combined both and i come up with very easy flower rain here is the tutorial:


  • colorama, amanhecer.
  • NYX girl, carnival.
  • silver glitter nail art pen, konad.
  • yellow nail art deco pen , L.A. colors.
  • bridal red, street wear.
  • white french nail polish, konad.
  • honey sweet, nail polish, 119 (bought it from "beautiful, 17th road khar" when i visited Mumbai last august) or any purple color nail paint.
  • dotting tool.
  • base coat and top coat.


apply your base coat and paint your nails with colorama, amanhecer.

make french tip with white french nail polish, konad.

add silver glitter line as shown in the pic.

now make five dot flowers with the help of dotting tool using your red and purple nail paints . make random flowers as shown in the pic.

with the help of yellow nail art pen make center of flowers. now take NYX girl, carnival on paper or foil paper as shown in pic and using your dotting tool place random glitter particles on your nail( don't over do it, just place them here and there a little.)

lastly, apply top coat and you are done.

more pics:

hope you all like it...........if you try any of my designs send me your pics on my email love to see your pics.




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