Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Something Fun and Different to do with your nail polish

Something Fun and Different to do with your nail Polish........
I am sure you have all of these items already, and I'm betting most of you at least have bobby pins and half-finished bottles of nail polish.

For the nail polish pins: Slide bobby pins onto a card or piece of aluminum foil to keep the two sides from sticking together. Paint two or three coats of polish on each side, then finish with a layer of clear top coat. I recommend painting one side, then waiting at least 12 hours for it to dry completely before flipping the pin & foil over and painting the other side.

For the glitter pins: Combine glitter and craft glue in a disposable plate or cup. You're only doing 2 to 3 coats, so you want a high proportion of glitter to glue. Slide bobby pins onto small strip of aluminum foil to protect the non-glittered side/keep the two sides from sticking. Paint on 2 to 3 coats of the glitter/glue mix with a foam brush (make-up sponge), allowing each coat to dry between applications (about 10 minutes each coat). Finish off with top coat. The result is remarkably smooth, without any glue tackiness or any flaking. Thanks. Puja


  1. yeah.. that right what an idea.. puja... :) even i love doing different creative things ..loved it..:)

  2. wow,,cool idea,,i have so many polishes that I was thinking of throwing them away cos they have semi dried off,, now i knw what to do :)

    1. When u make ur bobby pins show them to me......:)

  3. awesome dear superb
    i will try it
    i have lot of bobby pins and just wondering to get colored bobby pins
    i dnt think i need to buy nw ;)

  4. brilliant idea...I m going to try it soon

  5. nice idea puja..am going to try

  6. Wow..this looks so pretty...



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