Thursday, 19 April 2012

cupcake nail art tutorial 2

hi all,
this nail art is for long and medium length nails. this manicure is accented manicure.

apply base coat.

for 3 fingers and a thumb:
make a french tip using chocolaty brown color ( i am using colorlife one).

using white nail art pen or stripper pen draw a line just below the french tip.

with shimmery brown color ( i am using tip & toes mini nail enamel , orchid) make some lines as shown in the pic.

if u have fimo slices in chocolate or cake , then add it to your nail ( optional).

for the ring finger:

make a wider french tip using ur brown color.

with the help of your white nail art pen, make outline of the icing as shown in the pic.

fill the white color in between as shown.

now with shimmery brown color outline the icing of the cake and make stripes on the chocolate area.with red color put dot on the icing and add other small details as shown in the pic.

topcoat ur nails with matte finish topcoat.

on my nails pics:

hope u all like it

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