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Cuticle oil is of great importance for a person who has panache for great looking fingers and nails. It is mainly used to keep ones cuticles in great shape. Nowadays, women hardly have any time and are too busy juggling between their professional and personal lives to take extensive care of their hands, which definitely form an integral part of one's personality. Cracked and splintered nails and cuticles look awful and often lead to low self esteem and confidence. Just imagine if you have an important client meeting or a wedding to attend and you have cracked cuticles, how would you feel? A sexy red nail polish on your long nails would not help you go too far if the root of your nails which is the cuticle, is not healthy and is cracked.

Cuticle oils is usually used to give your nails that extra sheen, health and the most deserved prim and proper look. One of the benefits of using this oil is that it gives a finished appearance of a manicure when applied carefully. The importance of the same being that it not only deeply moisturizes the cuticle but also the nail and the skin. It is applied to dry cuticles and the application of the same depends on the personal needs of the person. One needs to be very careful while applying it since a more than required quantity can result in your hands getting messy.

You need to apply the oil over your nails and cuticle and massage for close to ten minutes and then push the cuticle down gently with a cuticle stick. This helps in the moisturizing of the cuticles and needs to be done on a regular basis for best results. One should wash hands thoroughly after the process 
has been done since it isn't advisable to consume the oil even in very small amounts.

Cuticle oils comes in different varieties like - Cuticle oil Freesia, Almond Cuticle oil, Pineapple cuticle oil, Avocado cuticle oil, etc.

- Freesia Cuticle Oils - It is a perfect blend of almond oil and Vitamin E and keeps the nail from getting dry and prevents cuticles from cracking. It is non greasy and can be applied on the toe nails as well. It hydrates and moisturizes cuticles and it is perfect for post nail gel treatments and can also be used for glossing of acrylic nails.

- Almond Cuticle Oil - It is made from the finest commingle of botanical oil and contains jojoba, almond, castor oil, calcium, Vitamin A and B. It has an anti bacterial effect and softens the cuticles. It contains fatty acids, which help in restoring moisture, smoothness and suppleness of the skin. Applying it daily ensures healthy and shining cuticles and nails.

- Pineapple Cuticle Oils - It is a complex amalgamation of wheat germ and safflower fused with aloe and panthenol. It not only augments nail strength and vitality but also prevents them from cracking and splintering.

- Avocado Cuticle Oils - It replenishes essential moistures and simultaneously soothes and smoothes the dry and cracked cuticles. It is a perfect blend of antioxidant Tocotrienol, feather light grape seed, sunflower, sesame kukui nut oils and lecithin. It moisturizes dry and damaged cuticles.

Therefore, cuticle oil is the key to beautiful and moisturized nails and cuticles. They are an intrinsic part of our daily beauty regime and need to be applied regularly for those long, supple and beautiful nails.




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