Wednesday, 4 April 2012



Today I am very happy because Demi Mist of BEAUTY AND THE MIST nominated me for the SUNSHINE AWARD........thank u so much Demi u made my day......she is so talented ...pls guys do checkout her blog and her youtube channel .

some new facts about me...

  1. I am planning to start my own nail art challenge soon.
  2. I am planning my first giveaway and it will be International giveaway.
  3. I read each and every blog post of my followers and the blogs I follow.
  4. I have appointed a new assistant in my studio and she is very fast learner and because of her i am enjoying my work more and her name is "mala".
  5. I have trained mala for girls b'day parties that means she will go do easy kid's nail art just like tattoo artist at b'day bash......i got my first booking for 8th may...guys pls wish me a luck.

now the nominations

Shalini Srivastava) at Be Beautilicious


Zestful Uzma at Zestful Nails

Hema at Rainbow Nails

kuheli at shadows and sequins

Beautilicious Blogger at Beautilicious Blogger (neha mane)

Kejal at NailArt and Things

Sweet and Bitter at Sweet and Bitter

Shazia Khaleel at BeAuTy UnLeAsHeD bY SHAZ

thank u 



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