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Monday, 16 July 2012

we love nails group and some giveaway update.

hi all
pls leave your links for black and white nails on this post.
enter my giveaway here.
know about our upcoming international contest here.
if you missed my design for summer challenge day 3 check here.

hema has tagged me for next week but i am busy still i am giving a, patterns like tie-die,polka etc....if i got time me too will post my entry.....depending on next week response i will continue or discontinue this i am not tagging any one.

blog giveaway update:
as this is my b'day giveaway so i have decided to announce the 2 lucky Indian entries for NYX girls nail paints on my b'day i.e. 23rd July, Monday.
pics of nyx nail paints( one winner will get one nyx girls nail paint.)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

we love nails group : black and white.

hi all,
this week the group theme as chosen by hema is black and white. and she tagged me but this week i am not giving any theme as i am also busy for new surprises on my blog stay tuned...:)

i have cut my nails short to show some nail art designs for short nails as i got lots of request for the same.

my this design is inspired by henna. I used faces white o white for base and black nail art pen for designing:

Monday, 9 July 2012

tuesday 5: geometric nails

hi all,
today's group theme : GEOMETRIC NAIL ART.
chosen by :NEISHA .
she tagged: HEMA.


any one can take part and can join from current theme.

here is my design : i got inspired by NYT's top:

isn't she wearing a nice here is my interpretation ...i also added a fourth color i.e. green:

Saturday, 16 June 2012

movie inspired nail art

hi all
i love bollywood movies...specially the love stories with happy ending...this tuesday the theme of group is movie inspired and i am totally in love with song from movie" SILSILA"...."DEKHA EK KHAWAB TO "
all the songs of this movie is very good but i love this song most because of its lyrics...some of my memories when i am dating my husband and beautiful tulip flowers ..........

Monday, 11 June 2012

tuesday 2: free hand

hi all,
todays theme for "we love nails group" as chosen by sangy@lipglossaffairs is FREE can't use fimos.stickers etc.

any body can submit the link.....this group is open to all....

sangy tagged Hema at Rainbow Nails and Hema choose following theme for next tuesday (3)and tagged Manases Andrea at Colour your life for tuesday(4)
My topic for next week is "Nail Art - Inspired by a movie" 
- You can select any movie (old or new), any language. 
- You can use acrylic paints, fimos, rhinestones, stamping plate...basically anything to create your design 

Manases pls submit your topic and blogger u tag by thursday.

lets starts the fun...:)

Monday, 4 June 2012

we love nails Tuesday 1: reverse and french manicures.

hi all
pls sumbit your designs using following can submit more than one design . add direct links only.

I tagged Sangy at Lipgloss Affairs for the 2nd Tuesday theme...she gave following theme and tagged Hema at Rainbow Nails
original comment from her
Theme - Free hand / free style 
*can use any polishes including acrylics and nail art tools including all sorts of brushes and dotting tools 
*can not use fimos, stickers, stamping plates (thats whole point of saying free hand) 

And i tag Hema @ Rainbow nails for the next theme *.* 
good luck hema, i had to think hard with mine...... 

so next week Hema will tell us the theme for 3rd Tuesday. Hema ,leave a comment on this post by Friday.

lets begin our weekly fun..:)


In my earlier post i talked about latest trends this year in nail of them is reverse french...reverse french can be done different ways for example half moon manis,triangular mani(coming up tutorial), ruffian mani.
following is the step by step tutorial to create the ruffian fruity look....also "we love nails" group theme for this tuesday is "reverse or french manicure",so i am going to link this up...:)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Without doing any kind of babbling.. ...I am writing the rules we may say features of my group as I don't want to distract myself by babbling.

I am forming this group to have fun while doing nail art and providing our readers with as many designs on one theme.....:D

  1. this is a nail art group....on every TUESDAY, you have to submit your design. the theme is posted one week in advance by me but the theme is chosen by one of you. i tag say"A" to tell me the theme for second tuesday of june and ask her to tell me who she is tagging for third tuesday and so on......on every tuesday i do new post asking for you to submit the link of your design in the form  "simply link " below and tell you the theme for next tuesday and name of the tagged person and on that post the tagged person have to tell me her chosen theme and name she tagged.....hope I am making sense to u all....let the first week pass this thing become more clearer...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

update ,plans,feedback

hi all,
last day of nail art challenge has passed and some of the entries are pending  you can submit your entries  by Saturday................. others have done very good job.


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