Monday, 4 June 2012

we love nails Tuesday 1: reverse and french manicures.

hi all
pls sumbit your designs using following can submit more than one design . add direct links only.

I tagged Sangy at Lipgloss Affairs for the 2nd Tuesday theme...she gave following theme and tagged Hema at Rainbow Nails
original comment from her
Theme - Free hand / free style 
*can use any polishes including acrylics and nail art tools including all sorts of brushes and dotting tools 
*can not use fimos, stickers, stamping plates (thats whole point of saying free hand) 

And i tag Hema @ Rainbow nails for the next theme *.* 
good luck hema, i had to think hard with mine...... 

so next week Hema will tell us the theme for 3rd Tuesday. Hema ,leave a comment on this post by Friday.

lets begin our weekly fun..:)


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