Thursday, 7 June 2012

nail art times 8

Why do you need diamond jewellery, when you can get them on your nails? Yes, you read right, you can get a diamond manicure thanks to the Iced manicure by Cherish Angula. The extremely luxurious manicure lets you have 10 carats of Diamonds on your nails as a parting gift. And don’t fret too much, there is an aftercare service that not only removes the diamonds off your nails but also lets you take the precious stones along by converting it into jewellery pieces of your choice. The Iced manicure at Cherish...Me is priced at $51,000, (R412,687.500)which makes it the most expensive manicure to date. Their London clients are catered to at none other than the infamous and luxurious Dorchester London. The Iced Manicure has already received the celebrity nod, with the sparkling diamond nails creation spotted on singer Katy Perry.


i won a giveaway prize from uzma@ The prize was a very beautiful bag from earthen are its pics:

thanks for this....loved this bag...:)

The list of things you required to start nail art:

  1. basecoat.
  2. topcoat.
  3. manicure set to clean, shape etc your nails.
  4. nail art brushes.
  5. different colors of nail paints.
  6. rhinestones.
  7. fimo clay pieces or other nail decorations.
  8. orange stick or cocktail stick.
  9. dotting tool.
  10. nail art pens.
  11. nail remover.
  12. lint free cotton swabs.
  13. nail dryer.
  14. acrylic paints.
  15. lots of patience.


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