Friday, 1 June 2012



1.Shape the nails into a square shape with an emery board.

2.Apply a thin layer of basecoat to the nail in three strokes: Base coat maintains a manicure for longer; prevents staining of the nail and helps maintain moisture in the nail.
3.Apply your favourite Tip Top colour: start a millimetre away from the cuticle as seen in picture
4.Push the brush backwards toward the cuticle area
5.Move towards the tip in the centre of the nail

6.Repeat the process on the right hand side of the nail
7.Do the same on the left hand side of the nail
8.Apply a second coat of colour. Keep the layers THIN and don’t wait for them to dry in between each layer. This will allow the polish to bond together properly and it will maintain the manicure for longer. Apply a Tip Top top coat to complete the manicure.

It’s been years that the Classic French Manicure has been worn. However, of late, there have been countless re-inventions of the classic French manicure. Black tips, multi-coloured tips, reverse French manicure (highlighting the moons of your nails instead of the tips)… So we want to know which ones you fancy! Are you partial to the classic, clean version composed of pale pink and white or do you prefer an updated twist

I am giving a tip for tuesday group activity...;)

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