Monday, 11 June 2012

tuesday 2: free hand

hi all,
todays theme for "we love nails group" as chosen by sangy@lipglossaffairs is FREE can't use fimos.stickers etc.

any body can submit the link.....this group is open to all....

sangy tagged Hema at Rainbow Nails and Hema choose following theme for next tuesday (3)and tagged Manases Andrea at Colour your life for tuesday(4)
My topic for next week is "Nail Art - Inspired by a movie" 
- You can select any movie (old or new), any language. 
- You can use acrylic paints, fimos, rhinestones, stamping plate...basically anything to create your design 

Manases pls submit your topic and blogger u tag by thursday.

lets starts the fun...:)


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