Wednesday, 6 June 2012


as i told you earlier i am going to hong kong for vacations and will buy nail art stuff for blog i am leaving on 10th and will be back on 18th.....but you will going to get regular posts from me as i am scheduling and writing them in advance..i will read all your blogs whenever i got time there and comment also as i am taking my I-pad with me I can't live without it.....:) you may see different nail lengths in my tutorials this is because i am scheduling them from first week of may when started my challenge.....i keep on altering my acrylics length and finally i chopped them so nowadays i have quite short nails.If i can manage i will make tutorials for short nails before going.
so keep on visiting my blog and do comment..i love reading and replying to your lovely comments...:)

now coming to the main motive of this post "pretty pink nail art" step by step tutorial...

products used:
NYX nail art ink in hot pink.
white nail paint from nail juice.
black nail art liner pen.
konad silver nail art pen.
topcoat and basecoat.


first apply your basecoat and paint your nails in white color.

after the base color dries using your black liner pen draw 2 parallel strokes as shown in the pic.

fill the distance between the black lines with konad silver nail art pen.

apply pink color as shown in the pic.

add short stoke lines on pink portion as shown in the pink.

add rhinestones as shown in the pics.

finally seal your design with topcoat.

here is the final look:

hope u all liked this tutorial
do comment.

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