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Thursday, 22 November 2012

My Bornprettystore haul and velvet nails:step by step tutorial

Hi all,
Few days back I hauled from was a joined haul with my other two blogger friends Neha and Manushree......things which we ordered are..........

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hello kitty nail art :water decals

hi all,
today i did this hello kitty nail art on one of my clients hands. she was so impressed that she asked me to do same on her feet.(sorry no pics of her). Even i liked the design and did it on my own hand (only left hand because after doing her nail art i was left with only 5 decals and out of 5 one is little damaged but wearable).

What I used:
Jordana garlic growth basecoat.
Jordana Nails be strong topcoat.
11pcs Hello Kitty & Snow White Nail Art Water Decals
5x 2way DOTTING Pen Marbleizing Tool Nail Art Dot Paint
100 pcs Cane Nail Art Fimo 3D Fruit Shaped Stick New
Faces nail enamel in Cotton Candy.
Few random nail paints in bright colors.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

flowers nail art tutorial

hi all,
i love flowers...............whether on nails,on plants, clothes....anywhere i just love them.
today i am sharing very easy floral design. follow the steps and get this cute floral look for nails.
polishes i used:
L.A. colors, green satin for base.
NYX purple avenue for top coat.( used to give nail art a greenish holographic look).

Thursday, 19 July 2012


look at the following pics and get an idea what ikat print is:

no no this is not a outfit post......ikat designing on my nails....

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

sweet and easy nail art for friendship day...:)

hi all,
today i am sharing my pics of nail art for friendship day (i know its too early) but when i am doing this design ..i realised we make friends with a person who our heart finds different from the crowd .....even we choose our love or our soulmate on same bases.....just have look of the pics they make my point more clear....

Friday, 22 June 2012

gold triangle nail art

hi all,
this is the very popular trend this year.follow the steps to get this look...

tips and toes mini nail paints, Zinnia.
Avon black matte nail polish.
cello tape or triangular nail guides.
orly matte top coat.(optional).


after basecoat, apply your gold nail paint.

make sure your golden paint is dry completely then put your triangular nail guide or cello tape in"V" shape towards your cuticles as shown in the pic....

and paint your nails with black..

after your black paint dries completely remove your guides and apply your matte topcoat and you are done.

hope you all like this mani.
do leave comments, i love reading your comments.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

dew drops nail art

hi all,
few days back on pinterest i found this mani...and there i decided i want to do it...

Monday, 11 June 2012


Recently i purchased angry birds nail art stickers from bornpretty store...i love playing angry birds packet of these stickers is enough for both hands.

i have 50 pcs of these....ya ..actually what happened i didn't read that its a 10 pcs packet and i ordered 5 packets and i end up with 50 pcs..never mind i can sell them at my saloon and also sell them on my coming up blog sale ...if any one is interested in buying these pls let me here is the mani using these stickers....

Friday, 8 June 2012

little sunflower nail art

hi all,

this tutorial is requested by shilpa.I am going to link this one for next Tuesday theme which is free hand nail art.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


as i told you earlier i am going to hong kong for vacations and will buy nail art stuff for blog i am leaving on 10th and will be back on 18th.....but you will going to get regular posts from me as i am scheduling and writing them in advance..i will read all your blogs whenever i got time there and comment also as i am taking my I-pad with me I can't live without it.....:) you may see different nail lengths in my tutorials this is because i am scheduling them from first week of may when started my challenge.....i keep on altering my acrylics length and finally i chopped them so nowadays i have quite short nails.If i can manage i will make tutorials for short nails before going.
so keep on visiting my blog and do comment..i love reading and replying to your lovely comments...:)

now coming to the main motive of this post "pretty pink nail art" step by step tutorial...

Monday, 4 June 2012


In my earlier post i talked about latest trends this year in nail of them is reverse french...reverse french can be done different ways for example half moon manis,triangular mani(coming up tutorial), ruffian mani.
following is the step by step tutorial to create the ruffian fruity look....also "we love nails" group theme for this tuesday is "reverse or french manicure",so i am going to link this up...:)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Something fun to do with the kids!!! : summer vacations and nail art

hi all,(picture heavy post)
Look at the picture below and enjoy the concentration on the little faces and of course the method in which the pedi is being done...........Oh what it is to be a kid!!!!! WELCOME to all my NEW and OLD friends, I sincerely hope you are enjoying reading my blog. I want you to interact with me and enjoy all the nail fashion, facts and fun............ Here's to a TERRIFIC MONDAY with love from cute nails.

kids love painting nails......summer vacations is the best time to do so....:)

Some tips for kids nail art.

Sunday, 27 May 2012


Hi all,
yesterday i posted a post on nails now trend. The very first popular nail trend which i mentioned is "running stripes".Doing stripes is very easy but you should have a steady hand. You can draw any  kind of lines like horizontal, vertical, diagonal. Here I am sharing with u the very easy way of making diagonal stripes.

1. Apply a Base Coat.
2. Apply a layer of your Favorite colour.let this layer dry completely.
3. Cut very thin strips of sticky tape and place on the nail as you wish.
4. Apply  Black nail enamel over the entire nail.
5. When almost dry remove sticky tape and Voila Pretty nails!!!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

nails now look

hi all,
Ovals ARE BACK!!! Longer lengths and more outrageous techniques are prevalent. Nail stickers are everywhere. The varieties are endless! On top of all this amazing goodness, progressive technologies are being used to create polish without all the toxic chemicals. 
A sign of a put together woman is one with well manicured nails. Whether that means an au natural buffed look or a lacquered bold hue, consistency is key.

Friday, 4 May 2012


HI ALL.......:)
 Today i am sharing u with a mani which i did few days back on my clients hands and now its on my nails .....
but let me tell u how it comes up or what inspired me to experiment this.....

story time:

few days back , a girl around 24 years old comes to my studio. she asked me "can you do a nail art on my nails in 15 minutes, its my engagement today"  and i answered no way for engagement mani 15 chance ...she said pls do it anything fast will go.....she showed me her engagement gown.....i told her that its already 8"O" clock in the evening and my assistant has gone...i can't do it in 15 min...sorry....she become all teary...i asked her why didn't she come earlier.....the party is at 10 ...just 2 hrs left and she had to do her makeup also( her appointment to other parlor is fixed).....she said "she knows it but i just read your board and want my nails done ...pls do it ....its my big day"....i said okay i will do something fast...told her it would not be perfect but ya it will satisfy her .....when i am deciding the colors she told me that tomorrow is her wedding can I do something which also goes with her lehenga.....i asked her the wedding dress color off course its red and gold and her engagement gown color is in short my challenge is to do a two in one mani .....that too in 15-20 minutes ....without my darling assistant mala........:)
but good thing is that i have one common color to work on "Gold".

Sunday, 29 April 2012

smiley nail art

hi all,

this nail art is dedicated to all my followers...............guys u all make me smile............:)

so the products used:

  • lemonade from color essence.
  • pink glitter nail polish ,jordana.
  • black nail art Pen.
  • fimo clay smiley pieces.
  • peach avenue , NYX.
  • basecoat and topcoat.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

super flaky nails

hi all,
today my blog is i month old..........and i thank all my followers for supporting me......u all rock!
quick post for quick manicure......products used :

  • lakme color crush 23
  • nyx peach avenue
  • l.a.colors silver glitter
  • dry flowers (optional)( bought frm
  • rhinestones (optional)
  • base coat and topcoat

Saturday, 21 April 2012

crystal pedicure........:)

hi all,

according to nails mag, the crystal pedicure and manicure is the hottest trend. the mag said
" The hottest trend crystal pedicures........
The lavish Crystal Pedicure is created by the individual placement of around 500 Swarovski crystals on all 10 toes. The Crystal Pedicure involves one hour and fifteen minutes of utter pampering and also this stunning pedicure lasts for up to three weeks. Perfect for holidays and special occasions, this really is the ultimate treat for your feet."

Thursday, 19 April 2012

cupcake nail art tutorial 2

hi all,
this nail art is for long and medium length nails. this manicure is accented manicure.

apply base coat.

for 3 fingers and a thumb:
make a french tip using chocolaty brown color ( i am using colorlife one).


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