Saturday, 26 May 2012

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hi all,
Ovals ARE BACK!!! Longer lengths and more outrageous techniques are prevalent. Nail stickers are everywhere. The varieties are endless! On top of all this amazing goodness, progressive technologies are being used to create polish without all the toxic chemicals. 
A sign of a put together woman is one with well manicured nails. Whether that means an au natural buffed look or a lacquered bold hue, consistency is key.

10 Big Nail Trends to Try From Spring 2012 Fashion Week

  1. Manicures With Racing Stripes
  2. Monotone-Print Manicures
  3. Reverse French Manicures
  4. Chartreuse Nail Polish(the mellow-yellow hue that the CND nail pros whipped up for Karen Walker’s show walks the thin line between neutral and shocking. It’s simple and subtle, but if you catch it in the right light, it turns totally outrageous (in all the right ways).)
  5. Two-Tone Manicures
  6. Classic Red Nail Polish
  7. Sexy, Nude Nail Polish
  8. Ombré Manicures
  9. Clean ‘n’ Simple Manicures
  10. Long, Ladylike Nails

Yes, ladies; the trends continue to trickle up and down, so make sure that your fashion sense stays fierce with any of the nail looks . What good is it to be 80% fierce? Push your fashion sense from intensity to severity with any of the nail trends mentioned above.

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