Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Without doing any kind of babbling.. ...I am writing the rules we may say features of my group as I don't want to distract myself by babbling.

I am forming this group to have fun while doing nail art and providing our readers with as many designs on one theme.....:D

  1. this is a nail art group....on every TUESDAY, you have to submit your design. the theme is posted one week in advance by me but the theme is chosen by one of you. example...today i tag say"A" to tell me the theme for second tuesday of june and ask her to tell me who she is tagging for third tuesday and so on......on every tuesday i do new post asking for you to submit the link of your design in the form  "simply link " below and tell you the theme for next tuesday and name of the tagged person and on that post the tagged person have to tell me her chosen theme and name she tagged.....hope I am making sense to u all....let the first week pass this thing become more clearer...
  2. you can submit any link whether new or old but it should be based on present theme....i am adding this to have almost full contributions from all the members.if you are busy for any theme you can easily skip and do next week.you can also tag the tutorials.
  3. Add  the above pic on any where on your blog and link it with this link.....http://cutenailstudio.blogspot.in/p/we-love-nails-group.html
  4. do ask your friends to join this group..more the members more will be the fun and we will learn so many new things from each other too.
  5. if your are interested submit your blog link to the following.
theme: Reverse french or french manicure (any one)   date to submit: 5th june

I tag for the next theme... Sangy at Lipgloss Affairs.


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