Sunday, 20 May 2012

80's nails look.

hi all,
In the 50′s it was all red, in the 60′s pastels came into vogue and in the 70′s nails either went natural or super deep. The 80′s was an ‘everything goes’ type of decade and truly fashion & cosmetics ranged from super natural to eye bleeding brights.The 80′s was a time of bold experimentation and personal liberation. Cosmetics almost couldn’t get colourful enough.

To get the lively look of the 80′s isn’t hard – all you need is a bottle (or 10) of brightly coloured varnish. there is variety of fab colours that could only have become popular during this crazy decade.
Also,The 80’s really started the squaring of the nail. Neon nail polishes, glitter and acrylic nails all become the new standard.
Dolly Parton

keep looking for 90's nails look.

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