Friday, 4 May 2012


HI ALL.......:)
 Today i am sharing u with a mani which i did few days back on my clients hands and now its on my nails .....
but let me tell u how it comes up or what inspired me to experiment this.....

story time:

few days back , a girl around 24 years old comes to my studio. she asked me "can you do a nail art on my nails in 15 minutes, its my engagement today"  and i answered no way for engagement mani 15 chance ...she said pls do it anything fast will go.....she showed me her engagement gown.....i told her that its already 8"O" clock in the evening and my assistant has gone...i can't do it in 15 min...sorry....she become all teary...i asked her why didn't she come earlier.....the party is at 10 ...just 2 hrs left and she had to do her makeup also( her appointment to other parlor is fixed).....she said "she knows it but i just read your board and want my nails done ...pls do it ....its my big day"....i said okay i will do something fast...told her it would not be perfect but ya it will satisfy her .....when i am deciding the colors she told me that tomorrow is her wedding can I do something which also goes with her lehenga.....i asked her the wedding dress color off course its red and gold and her engagement gown color is in short my challenge is to do a two in one mani .....that too in 15-20 minutes ....without my darling assistant mala........:)
but good thing is that i have one common color to work on "Gold".

mani for the engagement day:

revlon, 410, slipper.
tip & toes mini,11, zinni
acrylic flowers
red rhinestones.


first apply basecoat and then your gold color nail enamel here i am using tip & toes mini,11, zinni....i sponged
revlon, 410, slipper, starting from the cuticles towards the center of  the nail and added i single red rhinestone at bottom of the nail.......on ring finger i added one acrylic flower with the help of nail glue and a red rhinestone.....and applied topcoat.....

pic after cleaning my cuticles.......

she is very happy with result and i asked her can she come tomorrow for 15 min ...i will give this mani a Indian bridal touch....she agreed ....told me she will call me....

next day i got her call and she came in the afternoon.....and showed me her lehenga's duppata has kundan and rhinestone i just modified her design on ring finger and added rhinestones as shown in the pic......

wedding day mani.

firstly i removed the design from her ring finger......then do the whole finger again.....for the base again i applied tip & toes mini,11, zinni and  revlon, 410, slipper .......and added red and white rhinestones and gold metal balls.....

this is the best I can do in such a short time period.....
hope u all like it



  1. Thanks for the comment. Can't wait to read your responses to our questions!

    Radha xoxo

  2. Hi! You have an award on my blog!

  3. awesome words..u r the best !!

  4. awesome puja..u r the best !!

  5. Puja u rock
    bookmarking the page fr future ;) ;)
    so loved the well xplained steps

  6. wow... i really like such challenges... very very pretty puja :)

    1. Thanks dimpal.....I am glad u like it.....

  7. wow...really wow. Such gorgeous mani in 15 mins. Awesome work

  8. That's great Puja..really pretty :)

  9. its simply amazing puja.. i personally like gold color and this is so beautiful.. especially the one on the ring finger..:)

  10. Lovely nails, nice blog! I am one of your new follower.

  11. Puja, You are the bestest!!!! I am inspired now.. maybe we will be competitors one day.. Lol!!!! I seriously appreciate what you do..



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