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Monday, 10 April 2017

Buy nailart stuff in india

Hi all
I am writing a post after a long time!
I was busy in something which every nail artist of India wanted..
Yes India's very first nail art website
Shop cutenails

You can exclusive nailart tools, bundle monster, cici &sisi, twinkled, UNT ,
Nail water decals, stickers, nail wheels

So what are you waiting for just hop on the site.

Puja malhotra

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Flowers nail art

Hi all
Today for the first time I experimented stamper decals and I was so happy with result. They are good for the first time and I got lots of compliments too from my friends.

For decals I used moyou london explorer collection 03 and for the base I used nuber raspberry blue.

Hope you all like it.


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sweets nail art

Hi all
Almost everyone loves sweets and in summers ice cream is a most favourite sweet. So here is my sweets nail using bornpretty stamping plate and opi sheer tints.

Hope you all like it.

Yellow roses nail art

Hi all
In celebrations of international nail art day and friendship day I did yellow roses nail art. As yellow is the color of friendship. 

I used cici&sisi plate 11 for the design and used lead light technique to fill in the colors. One ring finger I used yellow polish and some stones.

Hope you like it 

Jindie nails Barbie is dreaming

Hi all
Jindie nails Barbie is dreaming is beautiful pink crelly with beautiful multicolour and multi shape glitter.

I stamped it using cici&sisi plate.

Hope you liked it.

Kbshimmer prism break

Hi all
Kbshimmer is a holographic topcoat which changes any nailpolish into holographic beauty.

Here over black nail polish

Here over some metallic polishes and with stamping.


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Owl nail art

Hi all
Owl prints are very much in fashion in accessories be it jewellery or clothes to hand bags. They are also famous in nail art world. Many stamping plate makers are incorporating owl images in their collection. 
I am loving this trend. I did a mani using pueen 40 over sally hansen black out stamped with Konad pastel yellow.

Hope you like this nail art.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry christmas : my 7 Christmas nail arts

Hi all
Wishing you all Merry christmas, may all your wishes come true and god bless you all with everything you desired to have....:)

Recently me and my friends from Facebook group Indian lacquer lovers took up christmas challenge and decided to do christmas / winter nail art on any theme we like for 7 days/ whole week.

The challenge is so much fun and I enjoyed doing it . So here a re my nail arts:

Day 1: Christmas holy and gingerbread man nails

Day 2 : blue, red and white sweater nails

Day 3 : Snow flakes and glitter nails

Day 4 : Christmas candy nails

Day 5: snow drips nails

Day 6 : Christmas gifts nails

Day 7 : neon christmas nails with Christmas tree.

Hope you all like my christmas nail arts.

Thank u so much


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Nail art using transfer foils

Hi all
I just love transfer foils they are very easy to use and looks very cool on ones nails. I did 3 different looks using foils.

In this mani I used three colored foil and draw free hand pattern on it. This is my first time using full nail foils. 

In this mani I first applied transfer foil near my cuticles and then painted my nails black as in ruffian manicure.

In this pic I used peacock feather transfer foil and applied it on my full nail.

Hope you like I know these are not perfect as I am new to this technique and I am learning and loving it.

Thanks for reading

Friday, 22 November 2013

Tie n die nailart

Hi all
Today I am sharing with you all tie n die nails . This type of tie n die is known as bandhani/bandhej/lehriya. It is very famous art of Rajasthan in India. My nail art friend Disha who has her YouTube channel posted this design few days back. So inspired by her design here is my take on these nails.....

I did these nail art free hand .....hope you all like it .
Thank u so much

Monday, 21 October 2013

Festive nails: karwachauth nails

Hi all
Karwachauth is the festival in which mostly all Indian married women keep fast for her husband's long life. She almost dress up like bride and eat and drink water after seeing the moon that.
This is very special occasion and romantic too....;) 
This year I am wearing blue dress so I did my nails in blue. 

I applied heena on my hands for this. 

Hope you all liked this mani

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Purple pastel circle nail art

Hi All
Sorry for not posting for so long as you all know I was not well and had to under go a surgery for Fibroids.
so just to pep me up I did a simple mani using water decals from
For my base I used Rimmel london lively lilac.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My Independence nails

Hi all
I know I am very late to post these but I was very unwell and don't have energy to blog. Because of my health I have to leave the challenge which I am doing.
now coming to today's post I did these nails for independence day which we celebrated on 15th august.
instead of painting flag I did waterfall mani (inspired by nailasaurus) in tri colors.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Buy nail art stuff in India

HI all
I have started a new group on facebook for selling nail art stuff in India at affordable prices. Pls all Indian nail art lovers join me here
hope to see you on my group

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Stone marble nails

Hi All
Today I am sharing with you my stone marble nails.I did this nail art inspired by cutepolish video.
the girl in video did these nails in white but I did them in pastel green shade.

For My nails I used NYX Advanced Salon formula nail polish in Pastel pistachio as my base ...lets see first its swatch...

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Neon nails1

Hi all
I self challenged myself for doing at least 4 nailarts using neon shades in 2 weeks time. My this nail art is inspired by Emma's nail art which she did last year and you can check her post here.
Though I don't have similar polishes as her but I used nearest dupes in my stash.
so here is my nails:

Monday, 24 June 2013

Mustache nails

Hi all
How are you doing? I really wanted to try Mustache nails. when I saw these pretty decals (and many more patterns)on Bornpretty store I just ordered them and that too in bulk(they are not easily available in India). Most of which are sold in my studio( thats why I am postponing my blog sale).
I will post nail art using other decals coming to this mani I did a very simple job and painted my nails with deborah pret a porter nail  enamel Fushia lollypop and added mustache decals. I used my sally hansen Insta dri top coat to seal the design.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Nail art using dry flowers

Hi all
I am back from my vacations, now I will try my best to post regularly.
I bought many nail polishes from delhi which includes 4 loreal polish from their Cannes festival limited edition collection, 2 from Diana of london,2 from chinaglaze and 2 from Deborah. My parcel from Darling Diva polish had arrived which has 3 polishes...I am super excited to use them.

Now coming to todays nail art...I used bornpretty store's dry flowers  and Sally Hansen insta dri nail polish in Mellow Yellow to create this manicure....

Sunday, 2 June 2013

China glaze Tranzitions Duplicity notd

Hi all,
Today I have very interesting polish to share with you guys...its china glazr changes it color when you apply top coat. This range has six nail paints in total. They are available in India at for Rs 570. I got Duplicity...It is teal green nail polish which changes into dark teal color on applying top coat.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

channel inspired nail art

Hi all,
Today I am sharing with you nail art which is inspired by Channel. I did this in the first week of December but because of ongoing Christmas challenge I rescheduled the post.


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