Monday, 16 April 2012


I know its late for spring but i was just browsing the net and come across these very easy nail art designs.

whats written: Marie Claire 

3 Simple Spring Nail Art Ideas

We visited brilliant nail artist Fleury Rose 

at Tomahawk Salon in Brooklyn, where she helped us translate the hottest Spring 2012 trends into designs that are super easy to DIY! 

The pics of the dresses she got inspired are:

Sweet Sunflowers: Runway Inspiration   Zebra Print: Runway Inspiration 


Prada Flames

so i followed all the steps which were written and created these looks on my design wheel.....

my wheel.................:)

I was so excited , while creating these looks that i didn't bothered to  apply base nail polish  accurately on wheel....:)
I will do them on my natural nails and post the pics soon......

some more pics of my caviar nails and i got this very easy to follow caviar nail tutorial pic..... 

also while i was browsing ( i browse a lot haina.......) i come across a lovely nail polish cake pic. I thought why not share with u all :

hope u all like the looks and cake.




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