Saturday, 21 April 2012

crystal pedicure........:)

hi all,

according to nails mag, the crystal pedicure and manicure is the hottest trend. the mag said
" The hottest trend crystal pedicures........
The lavish Crystal Pedicure is created by the individual placement of around 500 Swarovski crystals on all 10 toes. The Crystal Pedicure involves one hour and fifteen minutes of utter pampering and also this stunning pedicure lasts for up to three weeks. Perfect for holidays and special occasions, this really is the ultimate treat for your feet."

this pic was published with above words.

after reading this ( i got this information in feb.) i thought why not give it try......but i couldn't make it because at that time i have bookings at studio and that's why don't have sufficient crystals for personal use....:(

then in last week of feb. two of my clients got them on their feet.again i came short of Crystals ....:(

yesterday i got my second parcel from bornpretty......and my wait to have crystal pedicure got over.

so here are my pics ( p.s. i clicked these pics from my i-pad so they are not so if my pics are always clear ;))

how i did this: first i applied base coat and then paint my toes with silver nail paint and using nail glue and orange stick(tooth pick) added silver rhinestone crystals.after that i applied topcoat.

hope u like it.....just try it i know its time consuming but pure luxury.........:)

i did guest post on indian bridal nail art on Uzma's blog.....plz click here.



  1. I love silver polishes and rhinestones added makes it gorgeous!

  2. wowwwww simply wow!!!And looks glamourous too !!! You're soo talented!

  3. wowww super nice just loved hw it luks on ur feet

  4. thats awesome Puja thnx for sharing :)

  5. Wow! That must have taken forever to do! But seems very much worth the time. Lovely! :D

  6. very nice.....first when I read crystal pedicure I remembered my pedicure I had few months back from lotus....your foot soak becomes crystalline & you dip your leg in those jelly like crystal....awesome experience.

  7. That's so beautiful Puja, I'm def going to do this :)

    1. Do this's pure luxury and looking very beautiful in person......

  8. oh god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats so gorgeous puja!!! hi im new to ur blog:)! i rele wan2 try tis for my toes:)!!!!
    u have a love wallpaper here!
    maybe ud lik to peek into my blog? and maybe subscribe if u want to

  9. its GORGEOUS puja...very nice and elegant...u have a gr8 blog



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