Sunday, 1 April 2012


HI ALL..........
this is  my third post for today..............i am setting a record for my self that i write three post a day.
this can be done in any color and looks great. i did this many times and its easy to do....

polishes and things:

    • here i am using Lotus herbals color dew nail enamel, 86, deep sea. you can use any color acc. to your outfit.
    • sequins.(any color). 
    • big and small rhinestones.
    • faces nail enamel,13,sparkles.
    • base coat and topcoat.


first apply basecoat and polish your nails with any color you want.

when the nail paint is still wet add sequins ( any color) . iam using mauve color as shown in the pic.

then add small rhinestones( any color). i am using dark blue.

now add big rhinestones.

now with the faces nail enamel,13, sparkles. add glitter to your nails but don't overlap the stones and sequins. 

after it dries. apply top coat.
do this on your ring finger only and for other fingers and thumb simply paint your nails and top coat them with faces nail enamel,13, sparkles.


i used Lakme color crush, 16 as base color on my hands and created this look.

i used OPI nail laquer, Jade is new black to create this look on my wheel.

hope you all like it.
if u try them plz post your pictures to me on my mailing account love to see them..........suggestions, likes and dislikes are welcome.



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