Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Versatile Blog Awards

HI ALL......:)
Today i am very happy because my blog was awarded with its first award from Shayoni of sweet and bitter. do checkout her blog she is very talented and do beautiful nail art.

  1. Thanks the person who nominated me and give them a shout out
  2. Pass on the award to 15 bloggers
  3. State 7 Random facts about your self
  4. post the award pic to ur blog

Thanks the person who nominated me and give them a shout out
thank you so much Shayoni of sweet and bitter..........this means a lot to me.....thank you for encouraging me....(my blog is just 20 days old )....:D

Pass on the award to 10-15 bloggers
these people are new and awesome do check their blogs too....

State 7 Random facts about your self
  1. I am trained nail artist, I did my course from Delhi(in 2011). I own my own nail art studio " cute nails studio". 
  2. I was born and bought up in Punjabi bagh, New Delhi and got married in saharanpur (u.p.) when i got married I was just 19 and half year old .
  3. other than nail art i can do  glass painting, cooking( did a special course in cookery from YMCA, Delhi),candle making( did a professional course in this), exclusive gift wrapping(this is my side business , I take orders to gift wrap), I make exclusive envelopes, flower making, various kind of paintings etc.  you all will be wondering so many courses........ya did all this or my mother in law inspired me to do all this to keep myself busy..........marrying into a small town is not easy...:(
  4. though i married at quite a young age, I planned my family life at the age of 25 ( when I am mentally prepared to take responsibility, thanks to my very very supportive mother in law and husband).
  5. I have a very sweet and cute daughter( every mother thinks like this....just ask your mother)............she will be 5 year old this September and her name is  Tia Malhotra.
  6. I miss my sister ...........she lives in US with her husband........she is just 1 year younger to me...........( its been 3 years yaar, i know u would be reading this...:(..)
  7. If i didn't write this my brother would kill me with his words...................ya i love him and miss him too.........he is 11 yrs younger to me and he is my baby brother.......whenever i visits my mum's house in Delhi my daughter and he fights like a brother and sister....................;) 
after reading this i know u would have come to conclusion that i am very talkative and one of my teacher used to call me chatter box......:)

post the award pic to ur blog

for this pls see my side bar........:D




  1. Congratulations Puja. And thanks for nominating me.

  2. Congrats Puja and thank you sooooo much :D

  3. COngratsssssss puja :) and thanks for the lovely tag

  4. thanks dear for the sweet words :)

    and I am still trying to absorb point number 3....BTW were these courses long term? I wish I could also do something like that

    do meet me when u come to delhi... :D

    1. ya sure....i will come in summer vacations....nail art course is for 3 months....cooking for 15 days.....candle making course was for 18 days(did this from nainital).....gift wrapping ( i do this on my own has not taken any formal training).............i am doing vocational courses in arts and crafts since i was 6 yr old....

  5. congratulations Puja and thank u for passing on the tag :)

  6. and so cute facts abt u :)

  7. u have such a cute family.. :)

  8. Omg you got married when you were just 19? Ok that was not yet digestible when I read your 3rd point....you are such a creative head girl way to go ^_^

    Well congratulations for getting your first award.I can realize the excitement and I too got the same award ^_^


    P.s. Found you in the award list of Sweet and Bitter ^_^

    P.p.s. If you love TANGERINE check out my TANGERINE TANGO series this week : http://kalapalette.blogspot.in/

    P.p.p.s. I am your new GFC follower, would love if you follow back :D

  9. got to know more abt you.....you are a talented lady keeping in view your creative posts and other stuffs which you have listed. Also very strong lady, seeing you married at 19 and started your family after you felt u were ready :)

    1. as i said its not easy getting married in a small town when u belong to big city like delhi....but my family supported me.....

  10. Congratulations for the award :)

  11. congrats puja.....
    and thank you so much for tagging me.. i am really happy and i guess i know u more now.. sorry could not go through all the posts as very busy with the thesis work.. but could not resist to have a look at lovely comments..
    thanks a lot.. and congraaaatttssss.... :)

  12. thank you dear.. for tagging me..

  13. Thank u so much for tagging me puja..and its really interesting to read abt other bloggers....kisses to Tia...

  14. Thank you very much Puja :D

  15. Congrats and Thankyou for the tag Puja...
    Nice to know those interesting facts... it just makes the person know better!!



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