Saturday, 14 April 2012


 While looking for inspiration for future nail designs, I stumbled upon these images of Ciate's latest creation: Caviar nails.

 Caviar nails first appeared last fall during the edgy Cushnie et Ochs runway show, and have been on nail art lovers’ radars ever since.UK nail polish brand, Ciate, has decided to make achieving the look even easier with their innovative “Caviar Manicure” kits. The kits are a one-stop-shop as they consist of a nail lacquer and beads. Presently, you have your pick of three colors – multi (rainbow), white (mother of pearl), and black (black pearls). We’re sure more hues will be offered as demand increases. The kits will be available in the US this April at your friendly, neighborhood Sephora.

What's great about this design is that you can create the look yourself very easily and here's how:

Step 1: Paint your nails with two coats of nail polish (colour of your choice)

i applied Deborah MILano 7 days long, 827 on my nails.

Step2: While wet, pour beads onto your nails (if u r doing full hand manicure than do ur nails one at a time)
P.S. pls keep some small tray on your work area.

Step 3: Press the beads down gently to secure them in place. i am using multi color beads, you can use single color also.                                                    

Step 4: Fill any gaps with more beads and then pour the leftover beads in the tray back into the bottle using the paper funnel.                                                           

Step 5: Apply top coat.

i am doing this only on my ring finger because i like accented manicures. to give some variation i sponged some Colorbar,73, mauve sparkle nail lacquer towards my nail tip.
i didn't cleaned my cuticles because my manicure is still wet but you can clean cuticles after ur manicure dries.

hope u all like this manicure.

will u do this manicure?

if yes, then u do this manicure on ur full hand or just on ur ring finger like me?

pls leave ur feedback as comment......i love reading ur comments.

p.s. if u don't have these beads u can use seed beads available at craft stores.



  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! However, it's really frustrating that such things are not available in India (at least at a reasonable price).

    1. Ya.....I don't have ciate ones......I collected all the required things and create this look....:)

  2. wow Puja, u put in so much effort .....I admire you :) You know I was in germany last year, people there do this type of nail art .....they are very much concious about their hands and nails........

  3. Puja can u plzupload a close up of the nail.. really wanted to see more of this ..

  4. Replies
    1. Go for it.......Neha u need lots of beads for ur nails......:)

  5. just loved this... want to try it... :) :)

  6. nycccc.. :)
    <3 it



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