Thursday, 19 April 2012

cupcake nail art 1

hi all,
this tutorial is for short nails.....i did this design on my 2 clients recently and both of them have very short nails.

i am keeping my tutorial post short because today i have to make 3 more: first i got nominated for second award " the lovely blog award" second, i have to do a nail tutorial for cupcake nail art for long nails. third i have to share with u all my dream " The nail art times"...........:)


first apply basecoat and paint ur nails with minty green or peachy color.

now add white lines using nail art pen or stripper as shown in the pic.

add white color icing as shown in the pic.

now add a red dot in the center of icing for cherry. add small steel beads for cup cake decorations(optional, my both clients doesn't want it) as shown in the pic and last step is topcoat your nails matte finish topcoat(optional, u can use regular one too).

my clients pic( as u can see they have very tiny nails, both of them has opted for minty green color)

hope u like it.
pls read my other posts for today.

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