Wednesday, 25 April 2012


hi all,
no body likes chipped nails. so to avoid chip nails follow these steps:

Tip #1: Make sure nails are super clean, Natural oils on your nails aid in chipping. Even if your nails are polish-free, apply white vinegar to a piece of cotton wool and wipe over the nails to get rid of oils on the surface of nails. Pure Alcohol also does the trick. Use a body scrub and nail brush, brush the nail surface well with warm water and make sure to wash off well. Dry nails well.Tip #2: Prep nails with a base coat Polish will adhere best to nails prepped with a base coat. A base coat is like a double sided tape, on the one side it adheres to the nail plate and the other side holds the colour on the nail. Base coat stops nails from staining!!
Tip #3: Don't lay on the polish too thick Two to three THIN coats of polish rather than 2 thick coats will last longer, cut down on drying time and cause fewer changes of bubbles brewing on your nails. DO NOT WAIT FOR YOUR LAYERS TO DRY!!! Please just paint all ten fingers layer after layer in this way the layers bond together and stick so much better to the nails (this is one of the best secrets I can share with you).Tip #4: Don't forget the tip When polishing, polish the tip of the nail as well. This helps cut down on nail polish chipping. In other words tip your brush over the edge of the nail.Tip #5: Consider a glitter colour. The little particles of sparkle will help polish cling to your nails.Tip #6: Apply a clear topcoat Top coat helps extend the life of your manicure. Top coats seal your manicure and are a very important final step. Do brush topcoat on and around the edges of nails as well, it's an extra seal against chipping.Tip #7: Allow proper drying time Make sure you give your nails a good 45 minutes drying time before handling objects. Once dry time is over, submerge nails in cold water then apply lotion. This allows for a slippery surface until nails are completely dry. For pedicures, wrap toes in plastic wrap if you're wearing shoes other than flip-flops or sandals.Tip #8: Keep topcoat handy To prolong the life of your manicure, apply a layer of top coat every other day.thanks all puja


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