Thursday, 10 May 2012

60's look for nails

hi all,
earlier i had posted the 50's nail look and today i am posting the nail trend in 1960's.

To get the strong and sexy look of the 60′s isn’t hard – all you need is to keep it simple and subdued on your nails – it’s the eyes that make your 60′s look.The 60′s are known for a slightly more subdued glamour. Bright red gave way to softer, more pastel shades on nails.

Also,The sixties were a heavily segregated time, style-wise, and the various intersecting nail trends included white or clear for modern generation (to match their nude lip), a natural chemical-free look for youth or hippie trend followers, and frosted pastels for those women in favor of sexy glamour.

Longer lengths and oval shaped ends that almost come to a point. The first sightings of the square end tips started popping up. Pastel colors were very sought after.

watch this space for 70's nail look.

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