Saturday, 2 June 2012


HI ALL,( as i nominated so many bloggers its not possible for me to go each and every blog and tell the blogger...pls excuse me and check the list.....i love u all my frnds...)

I am feature on Sangy at Lipgloss Affairs and voting has started so pls pls pls vote for me on her blog......

Demi has awarded me with 3 new awards. thank u so much Demi...your friendship means a lot to me....

I nominate these awards to:

Manases Andrea at Colour your life
Gauri at Gloss and Magic
Preetha Karthik at Rendezvous with colours
Sangy at Lipgloss Affairs 
CharlieDBeauty at CharlieDBeauty
makeup and beauty by prayati at makeup and beauty by Prayati
Swati Murti at Perfect Skin Care for you
Sita and radha at Buttons Apart
Hema at Rainbow Nails
Coral Crue at Coral Crue
Nails My Dreams at NAILS my dreams
Jyotirupa Mishra at Everything That Matters...
Addicted to Nailpaints at My addiction towards nail polishes
Ashley K at Beauty Flawed
Shilpa Gandotra at Our External World 
SophiaJerald at Panache
chichicho chichicho at chichicho~ nail art addicts
ScarsLikeLace at NailsLikeLace
preethi Prasad at Pink N Purple
Nikscritsx at Nikscritsx
Sweet and Bitter at Sweet and Bitter
Dimpal at Crazy Polishes
Beautilicious Blogger at The Beautilicious Blogger
Breena at *wabbit-bunny*
Maddy at spilledpolish
Metajojuana Under a Starry ❤ NYT ❤) at Metajojuana under a Starry ♥♥ NYT ♥♥
shylu at Shylu's Place
kuheli at shadows and sequins
Fingers at Fingers Polish Mania
NailArtnThings (Kejal) at NailArt and Things
Lou Moss at Tips and Topcoat


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