Sunday, 16 December 2012

Bornpretty Store Review : 12 Colors Nail Art Shiny Glitter Powder Sheets.

Hi All, has send me  12 Colors Nail Art Shiny Glitter Powder Sheets Tips Toolfor reviewing.

What are These?
These are very gorgeous hexagonal glitters which comes in a set of 12 colours. Each colour has its own little plastic there is no worry of mixing of these glitters.

Lets Have a Look:

You can create Numerous beautiful nail arts with these gorgeous glitters. Bornpretty store is selling them at $6.45.....isn't they are dirt cheap....:) and also each pot contains generous amount of glitter..;)

How You can Apply them?
They can be applied similarly like rhinestones i.e. with the help of orange stick/toothpick and stick them using   clear nail paint or top coat.

Nail art using these glitters:
You can create many nail art using these beautiful glitters....just you have to be creative.
I did a quick glitter border nails to show you how versatile and beautiful these glitters are.

also you can use my code to get further 10% discount on your entire order.

P.S. I will definitely buy this again....once I used them all. Also you can create sequins manicure which is trending the nail industry nowadays( hope you got my point..ya right ciate one..;))

Do You  love these glitters or have you already used them.
leave your feedback in comments below.

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