Sunday, 30 December 2012

Happy New Year and some not posted nail arts.

Hi all,
A very very Happy New Year to all my friends.....May you all get your all your wishes fulfilled  this year. A big thank you for your love and support(I have started my blog in march 2012 ).Hope you continue to love and support my blog in 2013 too....:)

Today I am sharing all the pics of nail arts which I did for blog posts but couldn't post because one or other reasons.

 Thisis Claire's mood color changing nail was blue purple when hyper and changes into blue when relaxed(actually it changes color in hot and cold water)

 I Dipped my tip in hot water and it changes its color to blue from blue purple.

Claire's nail polish pic below:

These are the entries for the nail art contest by Ritu:

thats all for this post.....Now I am working on some new nail art designs for the month of January.

I am planning to organise a Blog sale. It include brand new Nail art stuff  for my Indian readers. If you want anything regarding Nail art material Plz mail me @ Maybe i can arrange few items in your wishlist.

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