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Robin moses is one of the biggest name in nail art YouTube uploads. My this tutorial is inspired with one of her designs.Though the pictures are not of good quality ( my photography skills are minus zero but i tried clicking the pictures on every step).the design is looking awesome in person.why i decided to write this tutorial :
  1. because i have learned a lot from robin moses, so i want to do a post on her design.
  2. the moment i finished this design, one client comes for booking me for 7th April . i was clicking my last pic at that time when she arrives. her expressions was like "wow ! its lovely and i want this design plz book me for coming 7th"
  3. later in the evening one more client asked me to do this design on her nails. she didn't allow me to post her pic because one of her friend follows me through e-mail and she wants to show her nails to all her friends tomorrow at her birthday bash.
  4. i am deciding to post all the pictures of nail art tutorials (posted till now)on natural nails  around 7th April or 8th April to get the actual idea of nail designs. so keep looking for this space..........
thanks for reading other wise who will read this..............:)

not wasting your precious time any more. THE TUTORIAL:

  • colorstreet nail enamel, white,105
  • 5-6 different colors of nail art stripping pens ( if u don't have them u can use your regular nail polishes and stripping nail art brush or any painting brush with long bristles.)
  • eyeshadow glitters (cheap quality one work best) 
  • top coat i am using L.A. colors.
  • crackle nail polish in black color.

first apply your basecoat and the polish your nails white with colorstreet nail enamel, white,105.

after white polish dries, using your nail art striping pens make kind of french tips as shown in the pic... (the trick is second color of one nail become first color of other nail). 
i started with half orange to half yellow to half pink to half purple to half blue to half green.overlap your colors in the center to give the hint of third color.

after drying apply top coat to your half nail and apply eye shadow glitter of same color with 2 no round painting brush and again use top coat and glitter to other half. follow this same step to all of your nails.

ps: if you don't have eyeshadow glitters , the glitter nail polish also do the trick but don't use so much just little touch of brush.

after applying glitters brush off extra glitters using fan brush.(vega).

apply a line of crackle nail paint as shown and after cracks appears top coat your nails and your are done.

my display shelf............:)

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  1. I can't wait to see it on actual nails! :D I love Robin Moses' work! Her portraits and designs on nails are just amazing!

  2. i want to see them on ur nails...:)

  3. Hi Puja, r Jordana's striping pens good ???

  4. Ya .......will post them soon.....:)

  5. I'm impressed by your art. Thanks for the sweet comment, hon :) Following you back!!



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