Saturday, 7 July 2012

nail polish stripes.

hi all
 Though i was not a big fan of stickers but few days back i got mail from one of the follower shreya and she asked me to do sticker nail arts as she doesn't have steady hand to draw free hand . also she said there may be more readers like her who loves nail art but because they can't draw free hand they just satisfy themselves  by using crackles or adding rhinestones or glitters to the nails.i replied her that she can do stamping then but i know stamping also needs lots of practice and patience this i realised i havn't posted any stamped notd  yet and i am 114 posts old.....okay then you r going to get stamping notd soon from me.

coming back to this notd and stickers......stickers are lot easier to apply....there are different types stickers available in the market....full nail stickers,cartoon stickers,water decals, fimo stickers,gold and silver stamped stickers,french tip stickers,gel stickers,lace stickers,glitter fabric stickers, metal decals ,plastic decals etc....

so i have decided that i will try to post to atleast one notd using stickers once in a 15 days.

today i am showing you the full nail sticker.....this particular one is called nail polish strips. they r super thin and apply very easily...

i got this for rs 90 and it has fourteen stripes of varying sizes. just choose the size of your nail and stick te sticker .press all the creases and file down the extra length .apply top coat.

P.S. before adding sticker apply basecoat and lightly buff your nail.

this pic is taken after 3 days.....

hope you like this
do you like stickers.
do comment.

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