Thursday, 18 April 2013

Beautiful swirls using Nailz Craze stamping plate NC02

Hi all
All of you who have read my status on facebook few days back knew that I have taken a small break from blogging but I will be back with my giveaway winner name and new nail arts in first week of May. Though I was doing a challenge but I am leaving it in midway because My daughter needs me and my time as she is recently promoted to first standard /first class and every thing is new to her at school. 

now coming to this manicure though I didn't do this as planned but yesterday I got my stamping plates from Nailz Craze ( yay...I bought all 4) and could not stop myself doing a quick mani.
I already have my nails painted in multi colors so I just stamped on it to test the plate. I used NC02 for stamping.

the quality of stamping plates is superb I loved these plates. they are little bigger than cheeky summer collection 2012 ones. 
though you may find it little costly at $7 per plate but they are worth every penny.
hope you liked my mani.

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