Tuesday, 14 August 2012

yay.....i won ( my giveaway wins)

hi all
today I am sharing with you all my giveaway wins.....
few weeks back I have won very beautiful jute bag from EARTHEN ME in ZESTFUL NAILS(UZMA) BLOG.


I really like this bag....it is eco friendly as it is made of jute...its very spacious ...my daughter uses this as her swimming bag.....

My second win are 2 glitter nail paints by Sangy of LIPGLOSS AFFAIRS. Look at pics to see the beauties.

and my third win is very gorgeous Jewellery by Demi of BEAUTY AND THE MIST.It is hand made by her.
she also send me very cute bracelet for my daughter...she really loves it Demi...:)
there is also a little card which really touched my heart.....i will cherish it for years to come...this is my first international giveaway win and the parcel is from Greece....:)
 My card.
 My goodies packed in very cute bags.
Necklace :its made of mother of pearl.
 Matching earings.
very pretty bracelet for my daughter....:)

thank u so much Uzma, Sangy and Demi for these beauties.......besides this goodies I won their friendship too.
P.S.: they are listed according to the dates of my wins.


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