Friday 10 August 2012

Floral nail art: birds and flowers.

Hi all,
Recently I took part in a private nail art contest in my city and won the contest.The theme is inspired by role of i did the this mani ...

I choose pink color as base color because pink is a favorite color of  many girls/women.On my thumb I drew bird sitting on the branch with her husband......chatting with him...then on my ring finger I drew a tiny bird and big bird sitting on a branch.It shows a bird guiding her kid.....sometimes a woman had to act like a wife and on the other hand as mother...and maintain the balance because sometimes both the kid and hubby darling become demanding and stops understanding u(only sometimes...otherwise they love u so woman had play many other roles but i opted only these...
p.s. my this mani is also loosely inspired by robinmoses design..

Hope You Like This Mani....:)
do comment.

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