Monday, 15 October 2012

Claire’s Chip Resistant Nail Polish Review, Swatches & NOTD

GUEST POST by: TEJINDER KAUR aka our very own TEJ.

Hi pretty gals
Today I am going to share my review with you of my cute Claire’s nail paints of different colours. Actually CLAIRE'S is a retail store that sells accessories, jewellery and other fashionable items typically for the younger generation.
Packaging: Claire’s nail paints come in very cute n small packing and brand name Claire’s cosmetics chip resistant embossed with silver letters on the body. None of the Claire’s range seems to have any names for their colours. Their colour itself represent name of the colour. It looks nice painted on. It takes two coats to get it looking like the colour in the bottle.
Texture: These Colours are very vibrant/Bright or and they all have a cream finish and dries quickly. It has a slight shimmer to it but all the colours are very gorgeous. The formulation is of good consistency and easy to apply. The brush is quite small.
Price: The price isn't too bad just £2.25. You get a variety of different colours which are all amazing. Perfect for more young generation and suited well on all skin tones. Bright colours always look good in day or night both. I have most of the shades from this range as these are so affordable and quality is also really nice and staying power is also good as stays longer.
My collections so far are: Metallic Red (Glittery one), Blue, Red, Peach, Pink, Maroon and Dark Pink colours

·       Easy, one-stroke application
·       Stays on for long time
·       Nourishes the nails and gives them natural shine
·       Beautiful and elegant bottle
·       Gets removed quite easily with remover.
·       The only thing is they come in very small packing.
·       Name of the colour is not written on the bottle.

Enjoy some more pictures

AVAILABLE AT: Claire’s store
PRICE: £2.25
SIZE: 9 ml per container
Final Verdict: These are amazing nail paints that come with an amazing price tag. Everybody should have at least few of these. The size is just small so you can actually finish it off and don't feel guilty if you are not able to. I personally love these.


Hope you like my review. Suggestions/comments are most welcome.
About Tej:

She is Tejinder.
She is from Punjab,currently living in UK. 
She is fun loving,naughty,hardworking,dedicated and a bit emotional.She is a shopaholic. Interested in dancing,travelling and partying.
Her Obsessions:
She is a makeup lover.She loves being stylish n trendy.Love doing all the eye makeup,She keeps trying diff hairdo's and collecting hair accesories are her interests.She is not a brand freak.She buys anything/everything that interests me.
My take on the post: very well written your collection.very beautiful shades and you are looking very gorgeous in your introduction pic. LOVE YOU SO MUCH...looking forward for more articles from you..:)

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