Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Product Review: Born Pretty Store :16pcs Nail Art Decoration Nail Foil Sticker

Hi all,
I was sent these nail stickers for review from bornprettystore.com.  

Method to apply this is clearly written on the back of the pack...

pros and cons:

  1. Application was a bit tricky.
  2. Durability was definitely lacking.  I'm also not a fan of my nail polish/art staying on my nails for 11 days.  So I wasn't really that upset that the stickers didn't last 11 days. 
  3. The selection is amazing.How can you beat 106 pattern choices.
  4. And the price is pretty great too.
  5. It was definitely fun, and something I'd recommend for a fun night out where you want your nails to get a lot of attention. 

So overall, it's a great value and worth checking out if you're new to nail stickers, or you're a pro at them.
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