Friday, 28 June 2013

Neon Nails 2 : Darling diva nail polish : Sugar rush

Hi all
This is my second post in neon series and today I have very pretty nail polish to share with you all.
This is from Indie polish maker Carrie under the brand name of "Darling diva" . She sells her nail polishes through her Etsy shop.

According to her Sugar rush is Translucent larger neon hexes, medium translucent neon hexes, iridescent square glitters, and a touch of silver holographic powder in a clear base, this is meant for layering.
The translucent glitters are larger and remain stiff. IMO this needs 2 coats of a fast dry topcoat to remain smooth. You may also need to use the dab method to place the glitters unless you are like me and like it totally random.

All her polishes are handmade. so slight difference is inevitable. As with my case the polish has slightly pink tinted base instead of transparent.Still I love this polish. The Glitter pay off is great. I used one coat over Sally Hansen Xtreme White on and top it with two coats of Sally hansen insta dri top coat.

Hope you all like this nail polish.
Have purchased from her or tried any indie nail polish?
do share your views.

P.s. because some problems I have to uninstall my intense debate thats why I lost all my comments but still I know I have all your support which no body can uninstall plz keep on supporting me. your support is always much appreciated.

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